Justice! Served on The Radiator

Justice Gaudette Words by Suzanne Friedman. Photo by Lily Chau.

After sitting down with Justice on a hot summer day under the lights of the studio with The Radiator playing in the background, I can say that he is very relaxed and a gentleman whose life is greatly influenced by music as even his shirts always have some type of band name on them. Justice brings progressive music to the radio at only age 18. The music he plays on The Radiator is a type of music that, “cannot be heard anywhere else on the radio.” Progressive, “Prog” for short can, be described by the host himself as, “intense, hardcore music that can save the radio. I’m basically saving the radio.”

When asked who his favorite bands were, Justice replied, “Slipknot has been his favorite since 4th grade. I’m a loyal fan.” He has not seen them live, but is dedicated and plans to attend a concert at some point. Listening to his show will get your blood flowing and create intense energy. Justice’s mellow personality and his forceful music choice combines to make a fantastically balanced program.

Justice pursues his love of music by sharing his favorite selections on the radio. When asked if he played music, Justice replied with quite the list: “guitar, drums, base, piano, and I’d love to play violin. Bass is my favorite instrument, but I play guitar more because I’d rather be shredding faces.” Along with music, Justice is also obsessed with candy, skateboarding, and art: “My whole life is dedicated to art and music.” Make sure to tune in to the Radiator 105.9 on Saturdays at 5:00pm to hear from Justice!