After the Rodeo on The Taz Michaels Show

After the Rodeo Photo By Lily Chau.

After the Rodeo stopped in from 8 to 9pm playing some organic Vermont roots music. Now, if you were to only see the three-piece band of guitar, upright bass and mandolin you would think they were a bluegrass band but the variety of songs in their repertoire expands them across multiple genres.

Americana, jazz, blues, etc. — their style depends on the song and how they want it to feel. They love the freedom of this band compared to the other bands they are a part of that focus more closely on one genre. This allows them to extend to a wide array of fans.

Being born into music heavily influenced all three members. Each said their parents were big with music and even played some themselves. D David emulated his father and at the age of five picked up and fell in love with the guitar. Matt Schrag’s dad was a drummer in a Top 40 wedding band, and remembers going with his mother to watch him at shows. He played saxophone in 5th grade and learned music, started the guitar in 7th grade, then finally picked up the mandolin in college. Pat Melvin started on the guitar feeling he needed to fit in with his family who played around the house, then switched to mandolin, until he moved on to the upright bass, which feels the most natural for him.

After the Rodeo did a few shows this month including a set at the Valley Stage Music Festival and the busy band has more planned traveling throughout New England to play. Promoting their CD 'Live in the Stu-Stu-Studio' they also played a few brand new tracks during their visit to BHW. They are currently working on a full-length (not live) studio album.

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