HEAVY2 Joins the Fleet

HEAVY2, Big Heavy World's New Van HEAVY2 Joins HEAVY1 in service to Vermont bands who would tour, if only they had a... private JUMBO JET. She comes to us via a UVM auction, looking a lot like the Botany Department had a few dirt fights in it. It cleaned up pretty and, (oh my), we found it had cruise control, electric mirrors, power TINTED windows, a trailer hitch, and upholstery that makes you never want to leave. Bands like Hunger will feel like princesses in this one. Yes, princesses. It's a living room on wheels. PILLOW FIGHT!

Big 'Thanks!' to Rob and the gang at Good News Garage, Corey at UVM Recycling, the dude with the red truck that lent Jim a wrench at the compound (he would have had to pull the old battery out with his teeth...), the guys at Tire Warehouse, and Jim at Turnbaugh Insurance for all helping us get the new rig, and get her on the road feeling safe and tight.

Vermont bands: For information about borrowing the BHW tour vans, email jim@bigheavyworld.com. We're also putting together a few concert fundraisers to help with van insurance and maintenance for HEAVY1 - let us know if you'd like to play or help out!