Sarah Stickle on The Taz Michaels Show

Sarah Stickle Words by Christopher Ellis. Photo by Lily Chau.

Sarah Stickle and Citizen Bare took turns in the studio with Taz and Shannon on the Taz Michaels Show tonight.

We have been lucky enough to have the talented Sarah Stickle and the Matchsticks grace Big Heavy World by performing live in our studio last Tuesday, May 22, 2012. Sarah Stickle is a gifted singer/songwriter and performer with a passion for music. She says that her passion for the art form alone is enough to keep her going from day to day. Music is what she comes home to at the end of the day. In our interview she said, “I love when other people enjoy what I do. it makes me really happy when I can give something to someone else by doing what I love.” But in the end, the music she creates is for herself and always has been.

Since a young age, Sarah Stickle’s enthusiasm for music was evident. She began playing the violin but quickly moved onto the electric guitar at the age of 13. At 14 years old, she picked up the acoustic guitar. Her fingers touched the strings of the guitar and she heard the rich sounds reverberate in her room, she instantly understood what was missing in her life. She recently connected with local street performer Aleah Black, an amazing cellist, singer, and guitarist. They are now giving Vermonters the privilege to appreciate their harmonic sound.

In the studio and on her album, she is also featured playing other instruments such as the bass, drums, and saxophone. While the very talented Bruce Springsteen influences her sound, she admires The Shins for their musical arrangements. The vocals of Ingrid Michaelson have also had an impression on her style of music. Above all, she says local musician Marie Claire, her voice teacher for years, has had the biggest influence on her musically, as well as helping her grow as a person.

Sarah tries not to classify herself in a genre but would say as far as her roots and chord progressions go, she would fall under “pop."  You will have to hear for yourself. Her new album “Baby Steps” is releasing Saturday, May 26th virtually everywhere, including iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Sarah also has her albums provided at her shows. Make sure to check out her reverbnation to see upcoming events, links below.

For videos of Sarah Stickle: To find out Sarah Stickle’s lastest updates, realeasing and events become a fan here: Follow her on twitter (@ssticklemusic). To contact Sarah, “Like” her on Facebook, or reach her by email about purchases at