Citizen Bare on The Taz Michaels Show

Citizen Bare Words by Christopher Ellis. Photo by Lily Chau.

Citizen Bare stopped by The Radiator on May 22nd to jam out live in the studio. The group is made up of Vermonters, more specifically, they all originated in Chittenden County. They all came together over the last 15 years, through the bonding power of music. They started out performing at the Monkey House and took off from there.

The group is made up of four people: Andrew James, singer and guitarist, John Gratton singer and guitarist, Jesse Cowan, bassist and singer, and Elizabeth Patterson, the singer and pianist. Andy and John have a five-year history playing music as an acoustic duo and were friends for some time before that. Once Andy and Elizabeth got married, they traveled around and decided to share the culture they had quickly learned with Jesse, a close friend that was equally as motivated to grow.

This band is more than a group of people who play instruments. They are not just friends with similar interests, they are a family bonded together through their common love of music. They set realistic goals and have a strong passion for music and performing.

As much as artists do not like classifying themselves in a specific genre, for the reader’s sake Citizen Bare falls under the “Alternative-Bluesy-Americana-with-a-little-bit-of-Jazz” category. Citizen Bare’s influences are extensive, such as: Woody Guthrie, Adam Duritz. Bob Dylan. Crosby, Stills and Nash. They create music full of harmonies and catchy melodies but above all, they want the music to stand out. Andy said, “I like to tell people that if Stevie Ray Vaughn and Woody Guthrie got together it would be a similar sound” while John argues, “maybe Tom Petty meets the Eagles.” I think they can all agree that they all sound like the one and only Citizen Bare.

Check out for more information on the band and check out their new CD “Carnival”. They do shows in the Burlington area, (sold out showcase lounge at higher ground recently!) and have opened for bands like Enter The Haggis at the Rusty Nail.