Rocket Shop 4/4/2012: Spit Jack; Quiet Lion

Words by Skyler Lendway. Photos by Kendra Merrill.

Spitjack members Mike Tuhey and George Eget appeared in the BHW studio again last night to join Samantha for 'Rocket Shop.' When asked about their intentions showing up, Tuhey just laughed. “I don't know, man. We were just getting some food when [Mike] Forester told us we should head up here.”

As the only two members of the group in town, Tuhey and Eget had come to showcase their latest EP, 'Whisky Eyes,' which was released at Club Metronome on March 28. The guys had had a great reception – over 150 people at the show, which we hope to have footage of available soon. When asked to describe the show in three words, Tuhey gave me five: “sexy, crazy, out-of-control.” They were excited about the amount of airtime the album has been receiving, both here on the Radiator and at WMRM 95.1, an independent station in Warren, Vermont.

The guys are looking forward to a small slew of private shows they have booked for May. They also wanted fans to know that their website has been improved, and is now located under a .net address. For more on Spitjack, check the new site out here:

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