Justin Gonyea & Get Stoked! Records Release H.E.L.L. Comp

Words by Andrew Bruhns.

A few weeks back Justin Gonyea from Get Stoked! Records came on Rocket Shop to promote the Big Heavy World 16 year Birthday Bash. While he was here Justin told us about the organization he’s been involved with called H.E.L.L. (or, Helping Everybody Live Longer). H.E.L.L. was formed in Boston back in 2007 in response to the deaths of two fellow bikers Gordon Riker, and Kelly Wallace. Ever since the beginning they’ve been raising money to outfit Boston’s cyclists with helmets, bike safety gear, and bike safety information.

While Gonyea is a Vermonter these days he still found a way to help out the cause. With Get Stoked! Justin has released ‘One H.E.L.L. of a Compilation’ in memory of Gordon and Kelly. The project, which started out small, quickly grew into a compilation of over 70 songs. As word of the album spread the larger the support grew, and friends of Gordon and Kelly reached out from all over the world to lend a hand. Many of the contributing bands are from Boston and around the northeast, but there were submissions from the Midwest, California, and as far away as Japan. The proceeds from the compilation will go to help fund H.E.L.L., buy more helmets, and make the biking world a little bit safer for all of us.

You can learn more about H.E.L.L. at: http://helpingeveryonelivelonger.org/about/ The compilation, and other H.E.L.L. merchandise is available at: http://www.getstokedrecords.com/