VT House of Representatives Honors Big Heavy World

Big Heavy World received the great honor of a resolution in the state legislature recognizing the organization. Thank you Rep. Lorber and Reps. Aswad, Atkins, Bissonnette, Botzow, Dononvan, Krowinski, O'Sullivan, Pearson, Ram, Taylor, Wizowaty, and Wright!

House concurrent resolution honoring Big Heavy World and its volunteer staff for its significant 15-year contribution to music and the creative economy in Vermont

Whereas, for 15 years, the Big Heavy World Foundation, Inc., known to friends and the community as “Big Heavy World,” has fostered and cheered musicians of Vermont, and

Whereas, with an abundance of goodwill, Big Heavy World has  traditionally opened its doors, at its expense, provided regional musicians free use of the foundation’s resources, and gladly responded to inquiries from musicians and the public about the regional music industry, and

Whereas, since its establishment in 1996, Big Heavy World has published a free public directory of musical artists throughout the state, and has established and administers the free and public Vermont Music Library & Shop in which the cultural legacy of many of Vermont’s musical artists is treasured and preserved, and

Whereas, Big Heavy World’s musical heritage and showcase projects include educational events, compilation recordings, community discussions, broadcasts and  the distribution of multimedia programming, and

Whereas, the organization’s volunteer staff, consisting primarily of young adults, devotes many hours to promoting and preserving Vermont’s musical cultural heritage, and the staff members gain invaluable professional and civic engagement experience, and

Whereas, the offices of Big Heavy World provide an out-of-school environment where youths are encouraged to take pride in their personal accomplishments under the guidance of responsible adult role models, and

Whereas, Big Heavy World contributes to Vermont’s much?admired, culturally centered, creative economy, both directly and in the development of the community assets of cultural and social capital, and

Whereas, Big Heavy World has earned praise from the private and public sectors for the worthiness of its goals, the success of its programs, and its promotion and preservation of musical life in Vermont, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly honors Big Heavy World and its volunteer staff for its significant 15-year contribution to music and the creative economy in Vermont, and be it further

Resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Big Heavy World Executive Director James Lockridge in Burlington.