Freestyle MC Competition, Funkwagon, The Bounce Lab, Kloptoscope Perform to Benefit Big Heavy World

Wednesday, March 14 at CLUB METRONOME and NECTARS, Two floors! / 18+ $5 / 10pm-1am




VerMonty Burns & Big Heavy World present: WORDS & VERBS MC FREESTYLE COMPETITION


FUNKWAGON is a gospel infused funk band based in Burlington, VT. The band was formed in 2005 by Aaron Burroughs. “I like to think of it as church with a smoker's section...and a bar,” says Burroughs. Funkwagon is not a typical funk band, as the name might suggest. “Well for one thing its very vocal oriented, said Burroughs. “We pay attention to our lyrics.” “It's popular, it's pop music in a way that it's hook oriented and bass driven but we have five and sometimes six part harmonies stacked on top of it all so it really does feel kind of like a choir.” “Everything I do kind of has that church choir feel to it. But its kind of raw, but not in a way that's imposing and won't be on the radio, you know what I mean?”

The band has made a distinct impression throughout the Burlington area since its inception. Recently they were asked by Burrough's favorite band in the city, Soul Sessions to stand in for them at a recent Thursday night gig. “...they told us that they wouldn't let anybody else stand in for them.” “I was really honored by that because I really love those guys,” said Burroughs. “We played one of the most successful residencies that Nectar's has ever seen.” “We packed every Wednesday night for four weeks straight from 9 to 2, which is kind of hard to do in the city.”

THE BOUNCE LAB: It all started when Ben Witt and Cannon Moltz were brought together to form an alliance known as The Electric Mandala. Years later, the two crossed paths with drummer, Zack Wolff, and guitarist, Mike White. The duo added the perfect blend of high energy and serenading, brain-altering riffs. The band had come together with one thought in mind, to make it bounce. Consequently, the positive energy and uplifting music that they created brought along the interest of musical mastermind, Andrew Carton. Ever since, the boys have been hard at work in the lab devising new ways to keep the crowd bouncing. So put on your dancing shoes, and don't forget your safety goggles and Bunsen burners because The Bounce Lab is here to catalyze the party.

Interview by Sarah Frazier.

Giving up their talents from the stage of Nectar's is The Bounce Lab. Swagger in the name itself, the addition of the band to help fundraise for Big Heavy World is an awesome opportunity for both our organization and the audience. Hearing about the event on their two month residency here in Burly, they were eager to come aboard. Alongside the MC Competition, eventgoers can look forward to hearing the high energy that is The Bounce Lab.

The doctors or musicians that create the musically appealing formulas of The Bounce Lab have a sound all their own. “We like to describe our sound as high energy trance-funk-jazz fusion with multiple other genres incorporated,” the band  tells me, “...Our ability and desire to jam allows us to work with the crowd and with each other as musicians to maximize the positive energy and overall fun level of the show.” Pulling from influences such as Lotus, John Mayer, and Thievery Corporation, the heavy mix of sounds gives a blueprint for how the band works and functions together.

Besides the combination of musical influences, the band finds a lot of support here in Burlington. Finding Vermont to be where creativity flourishes, it was a no-brainer to promote an organization such as Big Heavy World, which helps bands just like The Bounce Lab: “The Burlington area especially is very welcoming and appreciative of what we do on stage. Whether it is our easy to dance to grooves, or heavily peaking jams, we are able to express ourselves to the fullest and feel like we have both pleased ourselves and our listeners.” Well known to many, artists flourish in an environment which supports individual creativity and community — Burlington being a testament to this.

The Bounce Lab also has a dynamic chemistry, which allows them to create the blend of sounds from jazz to jam that the audience can rock out to. However, this isn’t something many bands create overnight. “Now that we have been playing together for close to two years, the chemistry between us on stage has become effortless. We all have similar taste in music and work well with each other.” That energy from collaborative skills can be seen visibly on stage where The Bounce Lab lives up to the swagger of their name. The individual diversity of the members is one of the greatest strengths the band has. This gives them an unprecedented bag of tricks to choose from when it comes to musical and lyrical inspiration.

With a good cause to back it, The Bounce Lab is sure to prepare a great show for the audience in Big Heavy's fundraiser. Souped on the idea of helping Big Heavy with their future endeavors, The Bounce Lab is looking forward to grooving and jamming with the MCs this March 14th at Nectar's alongside rising talents in the verbal battlefield. Come out and support Big Heavy and the talented artists who inspire them.

KLOPTOSCOPE is an original electronic rock band based out of Burlington, VT. Including bass, synthesizers, guitar, saxophone, and drums, kloptoscope makes use of highly synthesized and electronic sounds, to create unique interpretations of a wide range of genres. Between their high-energy composed originals, kloptoscope fans can expect sets to sink into the unknown with highly improvised live exploration of sound and energy. The result can most accurately be described as “fun.”

VerMonty Burns & Big Heavy World present: WORDS & VERBS MC FREESTYLE COMPETITION MC’s go head-to-head in a battle mode freestyle competition that ends with one champion! MC’s will be challenged in each round with different “Words and Verbs” that they have to play off of in their freestyle. 18+ (Arrive before 11pm) To enter email: VerMontyBurns (at) Hosted By The Lynguistic Civilians’ own Monty Burns & LC with DJ BP on the one’s & two’s.

Interview with Scott Lavalla by Sarah Frazier:

On March 14th at Club Metronome, Lynguistic Civilians hosts an MC competition to help raise funds for Big Heavy’s tour van. Come support MCs as they spout lyrical magic on the battlefield, and watch masters command words to out-write and out-phrase the competition! Last year Big Heavy crewguy Thomas Fuller brought together some great artists, and now this year Scott Lavalla will be running the show. I was able to speak to them both about the dynamics and work involved in putting together these competitions, and what the audience can expect.

The MC competition itself is a Hip Hop freestyle battle, in which two opposing MCs show off their lyrical abilities in a limited timeframe, to be arbitrated by both the judges and the crowd. Whoever is chosen victor of the battles, advances to the next round until the ultimate MC is chosen. As far as who can participate in the event, “anyone who is willing to put themselves and their words on the line,” Scott tells me. In other words, come prepared to wage war.

Master and commander of last year’s MC competition, Tom had a lot of expectations for the show. Being a lover of verbal battling himself, helping host last year’s competition was ideal. As Tom told me, “I love being a part of battling, which as a movement is now worldwide and stronger than ever because it is now primarily about preparation and out-writing your opponent. It’s very gratifying to hear from fellow artists and fans how much they enjoyed the night… I know Scott will hold it down.”

Scott Lavalla will be hosting the event this year. A local MC and producer, Scott has roots Burlington. Currently a member of Lynguistic Civilians, Scott also finds time to take part in collaborations with other artists. A lover of music and Hip Hop, Scott was happy to jump on board: “I have been to a number of battles and always envisioned hosting one. This gives me the chance to now finally do that and to help out and spread the word about BHW at the same time.” Knowing Club Metronome to be a compelling and innovative forum for MCs, he knew it would be ideal for the event, noting that a lot of crazy battles had been waged in its walls.

Come watch Scott Lavalla host this year’s MC Competition at Club Metronome on Wednesday, March 14th, as MC’s battle it out for the prize of top glory!