Linguistic Civilians on the Road in the BHW Van

linguisticcivilians "November 4th We headed out for Boston, and for the first time The Lynguistic Civilians were able to ride with everyone together in one vehicle. We have had the pleasure of playing shows out of town, and each one has had it’s own memorable moments, but this one will stick more than most. Being able to ride as a group to a show has an incredible effect on our mood when we arrive, which then affects our performance on stage. Driving down in The Big Heavy World Van while some sleep, some talk, one drives and amongst points, smiles and pictures (what up Tooth!), our first trip in the van was nothing short of a good time. A special thanks to Jim Lockridge for letting us finally ride in comfort, Bita, Bird and Humesy for letting us sleep in comfort and to Copperfield’s and everyone in Boston who showed us love!"

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