Jeremy Hammond's 'The Root Down Radio Hour' Sundays 2-3pm on The Radiator


Words by Sarah Frazier. Photo by Samantha Donnelly.

Jeremy Hammond, a listener and supporter of the Radiator since its inception, has joined its ranks of DJs. One of the four board members of the Root Center, Jeremy and the group have been giving back to the community by “alleviating the basic stresses of human society through the intelligent application of simple technology.” With technology playing such an important role in today’s society, Jeremy’s endeavors don’t go unnoticed. According to Jeremy, it was only a matter of time before his technology-driven exertion would be in need of a radio show.

Calling his show, The Root Down Radio Hour, Jeremy sticks close to his affiliations while providing his own personal touch to the show. Bringing more to the community through the Radiator medium, Jeremy utilizes the air time to “give updates on the activities of TRC and announce volunteer opportunities, bring some positive news which occasionally takes up most of the show, play a few choice tunes and usually some TED talks, YouTube, and guided meditation.” Covering a lot of bases, the multi-experience aspect of Jeremy’s show definitely has an imprint all its own. As Jeremy tells me he wants the show to be a discussion of education based content, with any music selections being strictly local, personal, or inspirational.

Originally from Burlington and Shelburne, nowhere seems quite like home but Vermont. In his professional life, Jeremy works as a carpenter, currently looking to pursue his bachelor’s degree in physics, biology and musical theory. Inspired by the Radiator’s “tendency to go far beyond the limits of nearly any other audio format,” Jeremy wanted to give it a go for himself. His enthusiasm shows in his optimistic nature. For Jeremy it comes down to the presentation, giving listeners an educated glance at issues “that could help us make the world better.”