Matt Spaulding is Memnoch, Lord of Darkness. On The Radiator.


Words by Sarah Frazier. Photo by Samantha Donnelly.

One of the new DJs to grace the Radiator is Matt Spaulding, or as radio land knows him: Memnoch, Lord of Darkness. For the purposes of this interview, in order to uphold the integrity of both alternate egos, they will be given equal time.

Matt, 24, a native Vermonter from St.Albans, is currently a UPS mail carrier, but frequents the Burlington area. A graduate of Johnson State College, Matt has enjoyed the radio DJing lifestyle from his younger years as a bright academic mind.

After dying to get back on radio for a couple of years, Matt found an outlet in Big Heavy World, and the Radiator. Matt, himself, along with his alter-ego, Memnoch, are the main hosts of the show, but as Memnoch tells me, “…I have a once and future partner, my overlord, The Reverend Grundle, who will join me from time to time. Also joining me on occasion will be Columbia Grotesque, my Lady of Darkness.” As you can tell the company itself is worth the listening time.

Matt/Memnoch’s show is a tribute to hard rock and heavy metal, and its show title, Goin’ Commando, is a testament to that. As Memnoch tells me, “…it is broadcast live from The Black Church, a morbid little building on the outskirts of a place so desolate and cold even the inhabitants of hell shy away from it.” Memnoch has the imagination and dominant power to draw a crowd. And after several attempts to, “take over the world," radio seems to be the best outlet to use rock to enslave the masses.

However, when morphing back to reality, what you have is a guy totally dedicated to performance and music. It is Matt’s ability to use this alter-ego to appeal to his heavy metal minions. Ultimately, for Matt, it is the draw of the DJ itself, “I love being on the air, playing music, entertaining. It's just great.”