Radio Bean Birthday Party October 29, 2011

Words by Tim Lewis.

It’s 10am and I’ve seen 4 performers already. Dino Bravo kicked off the Radio Bean birthday party with a rousing set of heavy rock and roll!! I love the song about the ocean!! Best line of the show.. I’m not going to sing that song. It’s too early to talk. Ok, I’ll sing it. Gotta love rock and roll!!

Mary and Ren (??) came on next. She strummed guitar and he ran a harmonica through lots of gentle tasty distortion to create a pretty cool sound. It was a weird mix of the relaxing and the intense.

Next up two very small children took the stage and each sang an unaccompanied song. It was pretty sweet.

Next up was a singer songwriter who celebrated his birthday with a cool song. I missed his name, maybe Becks or something, but he was pretty good.

After that was a grocery store run, and then the getting ready for work.

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