Video Crew Expands with Jordan May

jordan-may Words by Sarah Frazier. Photo by Samantha Donnelly.

Jordan May has joined the Big Heavy World video crew: “I currently go to Burlington College as a freshman, and I study film. I'm from Jeffersonville, Vermont- in Lamoille County. I originally got interested in BHW to work toward a documentary that me and other BC students have thought of starting, as well as volunteering and being involved with the music scene in VT. I like most music, predominately Metalcore, dubstep, reggae, and bit of rap. Declare War, Downlink, Buju Banton, and Aesop Rock would be bands/artists that best represent my taste in music. As far as a weird fact about me goes, I've always hated cheesecake but eat it whenever I get the chance anyways. I can't really explain it, but I always convince myself it will taste better than the last time.”

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