Robin Reid on Rocket Shop

robinreid Words by Samantha Donnelly. Photo by Jim Lockridge.

I could expect nothing less but a night of music, banter, and unpredictability with Robin Reid - The Old Lantern's open mic night extraordinaire. We spoke of her "class A" open mic joint - which is, in fact, booked days in advance. In wake of Hurricane Irene, we reflected on the storm - the both fortunate and unexpected experience with her newly found-favorite bands - Guards, Deer Tick, and more. I was thrilled to hear it, as I both had no idea they came to Vermont, and found a special interest in  her fave-band, Guards. Enough to play the track twice - yes, twice. Soon after, Robin took the stage and played a couple live tracks of her own, from her Ya-Ya-Yamaha acoustic guitar. For her first go on the radio - she did a splendid job.

Lila Mae & Jeff Hahn, "One More Yesterday" Jesse French, "Dead Languages" Robin Reid, "Highjack" (Live) Robin Reid, (Live) Joshua Panda, "Are you Hurting at All?" Guards, "Resolution of You" Guards, "Sail it Slow" Lendway, "You're Safe With Us" Cambo Jambo, "The Lonesome Cowboy"