Funkwagon Clocks 1,700 Miles!

Words by Aaron Burroughs of Funkwagon

"We set out on our first tour on aug 29th in the Big Heavy World van... We left early...  And even though we parted traffic and never failed to get pointed-at in our graffiti covered funk mobile, we hit traffic in New York city at 5pm going to Philly at the George Washington bridge. Great planning huh? But God was smiling on us and we managed to pull up at Silk City in Philadelphia right on time. We played with the Trees and Philly Slick on the 29th. Great venue... Great show. Then after a good night's sleep (not really; we partied 'til dawn in celebration) it was off to Hartford Connecticut to play Arch Street Tavern on the 30th. The Big Heavy World van luckily has hookups for GPS so it took less time to get there. After the Arch Street show we headed back to Vermont to play in Topsham at a Labor Day party. Special Guests that night included members of Dr. Ruckas and Andy Kareckas from Squid City... Special thanks to Big Heavy World and the van that drove us 1700 miles safely and very comfortably in rock star style. We hated even turning the van in.... It's like part of the family. The part we could not have done this tour without. In a group as big as Funkwagon it's rare to all be in the same car. Last show was in Plattsburgh at Olive Ridleys again with Philly Slick.... Long live Big Heavy World.... Long live Halogen Records... Long live the Funkwagon. We can't wait to do a concert for them. We hope to see you all there."

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