Myra Flynn to Brooklyn & Back: BHW Van Keeps Truckin'!

myra-van "Jim at Big Heavy World lent us the van for a big move of equipment to Brooklyn NY. The fact that we even got the van is a testiment to two things: 1.) The magic of social media, 2.) The magic of Burlington's musical community. After looking at the prices of UHaul rentals, I posted on Facebook that I was in need of a van. Within minutes people told me about the Big Heavy van. I couldn't believe it! Big Heavy World is so dedicated to seeing musicians succeed that they even help us with transportation? The van drove smoothly and made people smile along the way. In Brooklyn, folks stopped to take pictures of it with their phones. In a world where being a musician can really make you feel defeated much of the time, it's a breath of fresh air to come accross Jim and Big Heavy World. Their dedication to keeping our "wheels moving" is nothing short of inspiring."

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