Ground Zero joins the 'Hangin' Wit Big D' Crew

Ground Zero in the Radiator studio. Words by John Powell. Photos by Jim Lockridge.

One night while the boys were throwing snowballs at the road and cars would come by, there were three places to be: Ground Two, Ground One, and Ground Zero, which was the safest. So, when they were called up to partake in the Vergennes Battle of the Bands, they went with it, and the Metalcore group Ground Zero was born. This was after having witnessed a metal show at The Hub Teen Center in Bristol. “We were playing Punk,” says drummer Scott Mullin, “but that wasn’t really working.”

The show inspired them to start playing heavier stuff, and getting into the feel and culture. Even though they’re young, they’ve found a sound.

The band, from Bristol, eventually picked up Scott’s brother, Mathew, who became their singer, and Kyle Conner, GZ’s guitarist, adds that things really felt good when they played The Hub for Screaming For Change. “It was awesome,” he says, “The best as far as our playing.” They hadn’t realized the audience would have responded so well.” He adds, “We’re going to put this to the future; see how far we can go.”

Ground Zero has recordings out, and continue to perform, playing locally. They plan on hitting the road as soon as they can all drive legally. Mathew laughs. “It’s be a little weird for a group of 15-year olds to go on tour,” although, with guys like Ground Zero, anything’s possible.