Slingshot Dakota, The Front, And The Queers At The Monkey House May 20, 2011

Words by Tim Lewis.

Working until 10 this evening, then straight to the Monkey house for Slingshot Dakota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

You know it’s a good night of music when two of the three bands play Ramones covers!

I walked in and Slingshot were on. Their new stuff rocked! It seemed to have a nice build to it.

The Front are are a punk band from Casper Wyoming. The best part of going to see live music is seeing punk bands from Casper. Who knew. A few songs in, as one was ending, the singer yelled 1234 and they dropped into Commando. Later, when chatting with the guitarist I asked if he realized the singer for Dakota is Carly Commando? He did not and was appropriately amused.

First rule is: the laws of Germany!

The Queers rocked hard and fast and barely stopped. Song after song after song rocked hard! For the first encore they pulled out Sheena is a punk rocker! They were good, Really, really good!

Lots of punk rock yesterday, check. Jon Anderson solo acoustic tonight, check. I think there’s lots of Yesmusic in my future!

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