Face One & Andy Lugo With MCs Humble and S.K. on 'Rocket Shop' 5/4/11

51 Words by Julie Jay Seger

Photo by Sam Donnelly

Hip-hop artists and producers Andy Lugo and Face One (above left, right with host Kelsey Hanrahan) hit up 'Rocket Shop' on 5/4/11. Their brand new album features Andy Lugo on vocals and guitar and beats and production by Face One. The duo celebrates their album release with a performance May 14th at Radiobean.

We were also joined by local MCs Humble and S.K. who performed live alongside the duo on The Radiator airwaves. Both Andy Lugo and Face One are involved in other musical projects. Andy Lugo plays acoustically and in local band 2nd Agenda. "I've always had an affinity for the music Lugo makes," says Face One, "and our friendship is constructed by music. We get each other in that way. So I turned him on to some of what I was doing musically and we decided to work together. From there, things fit naturally." Lugo was excited to work with Face One on making beats so he could fully focus on his lyrics. That effort is apparent on "Little City," a track chronicling the story of Lugo's time in Burlington.


Here's what you heard on 'Rocket Shop':

1) Andy Lugo & Face One, "Little City" (album version)

2) Andy Lugo & Face One featuring Humble and S.K., "First Breath" (live)

3) Andy Lugo & Face One, "Lab Ratz" (live)

4) Andy Lugo & Face One, "Going Mad" (live)

5) Andy Lugo & Face One, "Stockholm Syndrome" (live)

Be sure to check out the Andy Lugo and Face One album release party May 14th at Radiobean. Thanks to Andy Lugo, Face One, Humble and S.K. for chilling on 'Rocket Shop,' The Radiator's local music radio hour happening every Wednesday night from 8 to 9 P.M. on 105.9 FM and streaming online at theradiator.org