Andrew Parker-Renga on 'Tazday Twilight Blues' Show 5/3/11

21 Words by Julie Jay Seger

Photos by Sam Donnelly

Burlington singer-songwriter Andrew Parker-Renga hung out on the 'Taz Michaels Twilight Blues' Show on May 3, 2011, fresh off his cross-country 'Portraits' tour and days before his welcome home performance on Friday May 6th at Parima with fellow Burlington singer-songwriter Steve Hartmann.

While on tour promoting his fourth record, 'Portraits,' Andrew played shows in Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Madison, Chicago, Columbus, Indianapolis, Nantucket and Boston. "The most exciting thing for me was performing my music to new audiences, people that don't necessarily know me. It was great to meet new people who were excited to host me and have a new musician in town. It was incredibly refreshing to get out there and play outside of New England."

The discussion took a turn for the profound when Andrew described his philosophy of spirituality: "I always say, I'm a spiritual man, not a religious man. But when you start out a set with a 'Jesus' song it can sometimes scare people. That was something I learned on tour. To me, being spiritual means that I believe in a lot of the great people who've walked this earth and offered their teachings. What I don't believe in necessarily are the rituals and practice of religion that can be really great for some people but just not what I believe in."

Andrew gave shout-outs to family and friends back in his hometown of Indianapolis, but it was his wife who brought him to Burlington, and fortunately into the local music scene. Thanks to Andrew for hanging out on the 'Tazday Twilight Blues' show, supporting incredible local musicians every Tuesday night from 8 to 9 P.M.

While on 105.9 FM The Radiator, Andrew enchanted us with these 5 tunes:

1) Andrew Parker-Renga,  "Jesus Walk With Me"

2) Andrew Parker-Renga, "John Boy"

3) Andrew Parker-Renga, "Drawing Dead"

4) Andrew Parker-Renga, "Emily"

5) Andrew Parker-Renga, "Portrait"


Taz, Andrew Parker-Renga, and Shannon at 105.9 FM The Radiator.