String Fingers and Don Sheldon on 'Rocket Shop' 4/20/11

2 Words by Julie Jay Seger

Photos by Sam Donnelly

Manager of the Valley Stage Music Festival Don Sheldon (above) dropped by 'Rocket Shop' on 4/20/11 with Dave, Dan and Dan of the band String Fingers who are set to play the Valley Stage this August 13th in Huntington, Vermont. The festival also features performances by Danny Barnes, Round Mountain, Stone Cold Roosters and Katie Trautz.

What is unique about the Valley Stage Music Festival? "I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the location; the venue is this gorgeous little natural amphitheater that faces toward Camel's Hump. And we bring in great staging, great lighting, great sound. I think we really turn out a great product. We try to incorporate local acts and amazing musicians from around the country, but people don't necessarily need to know who the groups are before they come out. I think they'll come away with a great experience." The Valley Stage Music Festival is family-friendly, kicking off at 1 PM and ending at 9 PM on August 13th in Huntington, Vermont.


Eclectic bluegrass band String Fingers (above with guest 'Rocket Shop' host Alaina) also hung out in the studio: David Kaye who plays the Dobro, Banjo and Pedal Steel Guitar, along with Dan Carlucci on Guitar, Mandolin and vocals, and finally Dan Tressler on vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin, Guita and Banjo. Members Ryan McAdams and Rob Bonaccorso couldn't make it to The Radiator but are part of the String Fingers journey on the "unique path of the American Roots Music evolution."

Blown away by a recent String Fingers performance at Langdon Street Cafe, Don Sheldon recalled, "initially you're going to think String Fingers sounds like a bluegrass band, but upon further inspection they're very eclectic, they play a number of styles, they're very chameleon-eqsue."

Dave Kaye has been playing music for most of his life and with String Fingers for years now. Dan and Dan also got their musical starts early and joined forces nearly a decade ago. "String Fingers' sound is sort of representative of trying to get the electric and acoustic to come together in a harmonious way," said Dan Carlucci. Check out the newest String Fingers album, 'Don't Forget,' now available, and if you like what you hear be sure to see them perform at the Valley Stage Music Festival on August 13th in Huntington, Vermont.

While on 'Rocket Shop' we sampled these String Fingers tracks:

1) String Fingers, "Streamline"

2) String Fingers, "In Your Company" (live)