Rebecca Padula on 'Rocket Shop' 4/20/11

4 Words by Julie Jay Seger

Photo by Sam Donnelly

Singer-songwriter Rebecca Padula graced The Radiator airwaves on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 with her eclectic mix of folk-rock, jazz and bluegrass music. Originally from Hinesburg, Rebecca has been playing around Burlington for nearly twenty years.

You can catch Rebecca performing solo, with other local musicians, and as host of Lake Champlain Access Television's monthly open mike, where she helps spread the word about other regional artists and their music. "It's a platform for performers to practice being on TV, which is different than an open-mic or radio. It's also a studio lab for our new producers to do something more fun than taping a meeting or talk-show. They learn how to work the cameras and run sound while getting entertained, so it's a great chance for performers and producers from the area to try out being on TV." If you're interested in participating, visit or call 802-862-5724.

While on the Radiator, Rebecca played a few covers and some of her original tunes. Her song 'Chance' is "about making time for fun. As it gets warmer, well it's not warm yet, but it's warmer, and it's the weather when you get caught singing in your car with the windows down because you've been used to singing with the windows up all winter without getting busted by other drivers or pedestrians."

Rebecca Padula is a big proponent of open mics, and for good reason: "Some of my first gigs were open-mics. I remember when I was at St. Mikes, going down to play at open-mics down at Water Works down by the Champlain Mill. Open mics are a great place for songwriters to try out new material, where you know you have a sympathetic audience or at least an apathetic audience, to try out new things with. It helps you get better and try out new sound systems. They're really one of the best things you can do to develop yourself as a performer."

'Rocket Shop' Playlist:

1) Rebecca Padula, "Whistle Me Dixie" written by Carol Abair

2) Rebecca Padula, "Chance" (live)

3) Rebecca Padula, "Angel from Montgomery," (live) written by John Prine

4) Rebecca Padula, "Never Go Back"

Check out Rebecca Padula's website for more information on upcoming shows, albums, and more information. Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her music and good work with the Burlington community and beyond on 'Rocket Shop' on 105.9 FM The Radiator.