Doll Fight! Visits 'Rocket Shop'

2 Words by Justin Landau. Photos by Sam Donnelly.

Doll Fight! recently visited Rocket Shop, and consist of Christine on guitar, Kelly on the Bass, and Jenn on drums. The band formed this past January, and have already been extremely busy. Along with the tentative release of their first EP on Saint Patrick's Day, they have played a show in Plattsburgh with Waylon Speed, at 242 Main, Charlie O's and the Monkey House, and with Rough Francis. When asked what type of music they play, the band stated "we were inspired by riot grrrl, punk music and alternative, somewhat of a mix of Punk Rock and Riot Grrrl. Mikey X, our friend, says it is ike L7 mixed with the Ramones. We are building a Riot Grrrl Manifesto for the 21st Century." Despite these comparisons, the band is weary with the comparisons saying "Unlike Riot Grrrl, the emphasis is not just about women on stage, but the creation and playing of interesting and unique sounding music."

Doll Fight! plans to go on a mini tour throughout New York and New England, and will work with other bands to help make the tour successful. "We are going to pretty much cram into a little Toyota Corolla with two guitars. We will rely on other bands to help us with amps, speakers, and drum sets." Along with this mini tour, the band is attending a conference in Washington DC to learn how to run a Girls Rock Camp, with hopes of establishing one in Burlington in the near future. As Jenn said "There is nothing more fun than teaching little girls how to drum." You can learn more information about Doll Fight! on their website or on MySpace and Facebook.