Aleck Woog A.K.A. Woogmaster on 'Rocket Shop' 3/23/11

31 Words by Julie Jay Seger. Photos by Sarah Gottschalk.

Barre emcee, hip-hop and R&B artist Aleck Woog  joined us on 'Rocket Shop,' Big Heavy World's local music radio hour on 105.9 FM The Radiator. Woog also represented Rurally-Urban Records, a label of independent musicians: "R.U.R. is a hip-hop oriented label in Vermont, which is kind of a crazy concept. But we keep it close, we do our best to make it a family affair. We just want to make real music from the heart as best as we possibly can."

DJ Woogmatic has more than ten names, but his skills have been nodding heads for a while.  In May 2010, he dropped 'The Woogmatic LP.' His second album, 'Wzdom' will  be out soon and features many collaborations with local Vermont hip-hop artists. "I just try to represent other artists. Anybody who I do a show with, I try to become friends with."

Woogmaster has gigs coming up April 13 and 27 at Club Metronome featuring DJ OJ Fresh, and April 23 at Positive Pie in Montpelier. For his 23rd birthday, DJ Woogmatic has set a May 28th performance at Charlie O's in Montpelier. You can also catch him this summer at RhinoFest, one of Vermont's incredible summer festivals. Stay up on all Woogmaster details  at or facebook.

As for what the future holds for Woogmaster: "World domination through kindness. I want to be friends with everyone and make great music." Be sure to check out Woogmaster and support local artists! Tune into 'Rocket Shop' Wednesday nights with Kelsey Hanrahan from 8 to 10 P.M. on WOMM-LP 105.9 The Radiator.


'Rocket Shop' playlist:

1. Aleck Woog, "Introducing The Night (The Hardest Artists)" featuring Mertz, Habit, Alyx Blaze, Anthem & Face One

2. Aleck Woog, " D.I.Y."

3. Aleck Woog, "A Perfect World" (Live)

4.  Aleck Woog, "Privately Public"