Nothing In Vain On Rocket Shop

21 Words and photos by Justin Landau.

In anticipation of 242 Main's 25th anniversary Show, Matt and Paul from nothing in Vain visited Big Heavy World. Nothing in Vain hails from the Burlington area, forming in 2009, and consisting of Matt on the drums, Paul on vocals, Colin on guitar, and Nick on bass. So far the band has recorded an ep titled Letter to B, consisting of ten tracks, and is available through

"Some of our influences include Terror, Cool Hand, Sick of it All, and Black Flag. We consider ourselves as either a Hardcore, or Hardcore Punk band." When asked what they felt describes Hardcore music, they responded "Hardcore is the heaviest music that still has meaning." The band has gone on some tiny tours throughout New England, and thus far their favorite venue to play is Oddfellows, though "we love all floor shows." "Our shows mainly consist of friends. The purpose of the band is that we are here to have fun, and do what feels right. Fun is F.U.N."

Nothing in Vain's set at the show was excellent, being energetic, lively, and engaging. Definitely check out their myspace page, and stop by at the next show they play, as you will not be disappointed.