Bluebird Promotions on Rocket Shop

4 Words By Justin Landau, Photo by Juliet Degree

This past Wednesday Glory Reinstein of Bluebird Promotions came to the Big Heavy World studio, and discussed her business with me. Glory is a one woman team, and runs her company completely on her own. Bluebird Promotions is essentially a "do it yourself record label and promotion company. This covers radio promotion, Television and Film song pitching, licensing, publishing CD releases, and show/tour promotions." Currently Bluebird's artists consist of Edie Carey, Patrick Fitzsimmons, Amber de Laurentis, Lisa Picirillo, and Gregory Douglas, Glory's son. "Each of these artists are seasoned veterans, having released at least two CDs, and are all currently working on new ones as well."

Glory officially started Bluebird Promotions LLC in the fall of 2008 after retiring from being a music educator at Essex High School, but began helping her son Gregory Douglas previous to Bluebird. "I began helping Greg through the radio, and started establishing connections. After listening to commercial radio, I became disgusted, and realized Vermont artists needed more recognition and help with promotion, with myself being a second pair of hands and a creative liaison." "Recently, I pitched a song to a movie being filmed in the Adirondacks with Jane Fonda, and promoted a Patrick Fitzsimmons show at the Middlebury Town Theater Hall. I also recently had 1000 CD's pressed, and sent 700 to Nashville for companies to listen to." Along with this, Glory helped promote a show at Higher Ground this past November.

"I continually research and make new connections, along with sending out a monthly newsletter. I promote all year long, and come up with payment plans with the artists tailor made to their needs and budget restrictions." When probed as to how she feels she has progressed, and goals for the future, Glory showed her true passion for her job. "Every year, I type up a list of accomplishments, and realize in the end that I've done quite a lot. Though I've lost money, I don't feel bad about it." When asked what she hopes to accomplish for the future, "I will feel really happy when one of the artists I promote gets a song in a film, for there to be more radio airplay, and for there to be four new records."