New on the Radiator: DJ LC Brings the Hip Hop

liam If you’ve ever felt that radio in Vermont lacks a strong hip-hop, R&B and Reggae station, give new DJ LC’s show a listen on 105.9FM, 'The Radiator.' Fresh out of Monkton, Vermont, Liam Corcoran strives to add some true hip-hop to Burlington’s airwaves. As a senior in high school, he hopes his show will give him the experience he needs to continue with a career in music.

Liam also wants to offer the hottest tracks from ground breaking artists, the day they come out. “Most artists give their new songs directly to blogs or somewhere else on the Internet, but they don’t make it on the radio for a long time. I want to take those new songs and bring them straight to the air.”

Liam loves hip-hop artists including classics like Nas, the Marley kids Stephen and Damien, and the Beastie Boys, as well as newer artists like K’naan, Curren$y, and J Cole. His taste isn’t limited to the U.S. either- expect some world influences like African MC Blitz the Ambassador. Liam’s show is sure to bring plenty of unrecognized but talented artists onto the Vermont airwaves. Check him out on Fridays, 1-3pm on 105.9FM in the Burlington area or streaming online at, or download The Radiator iPhone app!