Rocket Shop Playlist 08/04/10: Weaseldust

With your host Kelsey Hanrahan. Weaseldust is a three-piece band that totally rock it. They formed about 3 months ago and already have a demo CD produced by themselves. They look forward to playing gigs out on the town of Burlington and surrounding areas. Let us know if you'd like to book them! weaseldust-playlist

1. Weaseldust, "Widows Scurvey"

2. Weaseldust, "Fools Gold"

3. Weaseldust, "Spontaneous Combustion: Volume 1"

4. Weaseldust, "Fennel Jam"

5. Weaseldust, "200 Hotels (Zappa)"

6. Weaseldust, "Improv Jam"