Rocket Shop Playlist 07/28/10: Jessica Prouty Band, The Underground and The Switch

With your host Kelsey Hanrahan, these 4 kids write and perform all of their own music and can't vote yet! These young kids had nothing but high energy in the studio and about their music. Listening to them play was truly a refreshing experience. The following week they fit in many gigs throughout the east coast and continue to tour and play for pleasure. rshop-prouty2

1. The Jessica Prouty Band, "Escape"

2. The Jessica Prouty Band, "Evanesence Cover"

3. The Jessica Prouty Band, "Falling"

THE UNDERGROUND were also three young kids from Hinesburg high school living their passions through music. They were missing two members Ian and Daphne, which later led to the decision of playing "Daphne's song". The members of The Underground that were able to hang out on Rocket Shop were very excited for the missing members to return so they could get back to work as a group. In the meantime, they continue to practice and create their own new and vibrant music. Their spirit really showed me how important creating and performing music is to our growing musical society.


4. The Underground, "Daphne's Song"

5. The Underground, "Untitled"

6. The Underground, "Untitled"


These guys were truly a look back into rock during the 90's. They played in Vermont and all over the country playing small gigs to opening gigs, traveling as  a VT band. They were playing a reunion show at Nectars the following week and wanted to advertise to Burlington (credit michael). They were just as refreshing as the young groups which makes it even more apparent that music is the universal love.


1. The Switch, "Long Walk"

2. The Switch, "Preppie Song"

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