Rocket Shop 12/30/2009: Lowell Thompson, Red Hot Juba, & Atlantic Crossing

Lowell Thompson Red Hot Juba

Rocket Shop tonight was a full house with guests LOWELL THOMPSON, RED HOT JUBA, and ATLANTIC CROSSING. All performed live in the studio in celebration of First Night Burlington, at which everyone would be performing. Jim hosted while Kelsey was out of town. Here's the playlist:

  1. Lowell Thompson, "The Love You Had"
  2. Lowell Thompson, "Doors Type Religion" (LIVE)
  3. Lowell Thompson, "Rose Petals" (LIVE)
  4. Red Hot Juba, "Green Mountain Blues"
  5. Red Hot Juba, "Shadarack, Meeshach, & Abednego" (LIVE)
  6. Red Hot Juba, "Jockey Full of Bourbon" (LIVE)
  7. Red Hot Juba, "Goin' to Town" (LIVE)
  8. Atlantic Crossing, "Les Raftsmen / Dad's Reel" (LIVE)
  9. Atlantic Crossing, "Angus MacFlash" (LIVE)
  10. Atlantic Crossing, "The Year That Brought Me You" (LIVE)
  11. Atlantic Crossing, "Jerry's Samba" (LIVE)
  12. Atlantic Crossing, "La Belle Michele" (LIVE)

Photos by Cody Brgant

Atlantic Crossing