'The Browser': Jonathan Butler on The Radiator

jon1 Words by Tom Deterling

Photos by  Jim Lockridge & Kate Worley

Jonathan Butler has been the host of 'The Browser' here on The Radiator since February of 2009.  After arriving in Vermont over two years ago, Jonathan wanted to get plugged into the local radio community – enter The Radiator.

With a desire to volunteer and get into the radio game, Jonathan approached Big Heavy World and The Radiator. After hearing more about the foundation and meeting some of the staff, The Radiator seemed the perfect medium to launch his show. Instead of focusing his show on music,  Jonathan decided to concentrate on the subject matter that he knew best: the web.

'The Browser' is an hour long show that airs Wednesday nights at 6 pm. The show looks into online developments and news involving Vermont and Burlington and attempts to convey every angle of the Vermont web scene. Each week you can listen in to hear interviews with professionals in the field, ranging from web designers, to developers, to bloggers. The show is always offering great insight into what is going on through both live and pre recorded interviews with some of the industry’s best.

Some of his guests have included Brad Robertson (President and Publisher of the Burlington Free Press), Cathy Resmer (7 Days Associate Publisher), Ann DeMarle (Director of the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College), Dr. Elaine Young (Professor of marketing and e-business at Champlain College) and Bob Bolyard (Creator of House of LeMay, 2009 7 Days Blog of the Year). You can find out more about 'The Browser' at thebrowser1059.wordpress.com.

'The Browser' has stayed pretty consistent in its approach. It has allowed Jonathan to get in touch with local experts in his field, as well as learn the ins-and-outs of the radio business. Despite the success he has found in the current format, Jonathan has expressed interest in mixing up the current format and content. The idea of having guest hosts come in is something that he hopes to explore. As Jonathan says, “everyone is online nowadays.” Bringing in different perspectives on the web community is what 'The Browser' has aimed for. Wrapping up his ninth month on the air, it is safe to say that Jonathan has learned what it takes to be a successful DJ.