Call to VT Musicians: 'Thrufters & Throughstones' Historic Music CD!

thrufterscover 'THRUFTERS & THROUGHSTONES: THE MUSIC OF VERMONT'S FIRST 400 YEARS' is a double-CD set due in July. We've collected music that can be found in Vermont over the past 400 years of the region's history, from pre-European contact culture to punk rock. The music has diverse origins and it's a very fun, eclectic sampling. If you've recorded a song that can be placed within the boundaries of Vermont any time prior to 1900, we'd love to learn of it and consider it for inclusion (contact Project info can be found at 'Thrufters' is a Vermont Quadricentennial-endorsed collaboration of Big Heavy World, the Vermont Folklife Center, & the Vermont Historical Society with media support from Vermont Public Radio and The Burlington Free Press.