Magic Hat's Street Bizarre Supports The Radiator

streetbizarre.jpg Magic Hat's 'Street Bizarre' happened last night to support The Radiator - Magic Hat sold funky-cool pint glasses with the Radiator and Magic Hat logos on them - and a lineup of amazing bands played on Church Street in the middle of the Discover Jazz Festival: Led Loco; The Cush; The Aztext; The Marsten Lot; The Smittens; & Farm were on the main stage and the side street performances included various artists at The Unbearable Light; Jen Kearney at Halvorson's Upstreet Cafe; Jenni Johnson, the Dan Silverman Trio, and the Pine Street Jazz Band with The Blue Gardenias at Leunig's; the Gordon Stone Band at RiRa's; DJ Craig Mitchell at RJ's; Will Kirk at The Daily Planet; Lifted and Booty Juice at Nectar's; and a Jazz Dance Party at Metronome. THANK YOU MAGIC HAT!!!!