Lake Champlain Basin Program Supports Wayside Exhibits at VT Music Library Archive

The land given to Big Heavy World in Starksboro by Saputo to help us create a scenic overlook at the Vermont Music Library archive building on VT Route 116 will soon have beautiful interpretive exhibits for travelers thanks to a grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program.The Lake Champlain Basin Program Wayside Exhibit Design Grant Program has given Big Heavy World a grant that will support creating the design of two exhibits, published in English and French. The subjects are the Cold Mountain Creamery and the Lewis Creek Valley. The Cold Mountain Creamery (also know over its hundred-plus years in business by several other names) played an important role in the village center, both in business and socially; for a century farmers brought their milk to the facility to be processed. The exhibit area overlooks Lewis Creek Valley, the headwaters of a creek that travels for miles before emptying into Lake Champlain. It's a verdant, wildlife-filled region with a history of human habitation that pre-dates European contact with Vermont. Big Heavy World will be gathering historic photographs and working with historians in the community to draft the narrative for each wayside exhibit, and the design work will be accomplished by Maja Smith of MajaDesign.