Rocket Shop Playlist 04/23/2008

080423-inmemoryofplutoecho.jpgIn Memory of Pluto, Trevor Nesbit.

With guest hosts IN MEMORY OF PLUTO and special guest Trevor Nesbit from ECHO:

In Memory of Pluto, 'Cutting Open The Fiction' In Memory of Pluto, 'A Century In The Dust' In Memory of Pluto, 'From The Backseat' Pretty & Nice, 'Grab Your Nets' In Memory of Pluto, 'Set The House On Fire' Aaron Flinn, 'Hill of Billy' Jenny Montana, 'Pots & Pans' Johnny Azer, 'Worship from Afar' Tom Banjo, 'Rakes of Mallow'

In Memory of Pluto: ECHO:

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