Record Store Day Celebrated by the Vermont Music Library & Shop at The Radiator

Hear the broadcast (4.8MB MP3). 080419-recordstoreday3.jpg Jenny Montana and Alissa Helland.

080419-recordstoreday4.jpg Bridget Martin and Jenny Montana.

080419-recordstoreday2.jpg Paddy Reagan

080419-recordstoreday1.jpg Paddy Reagan and Seth Gallant.

Paddy Reagan hosted an hour devoted to celebrating Record Store Day this afternoon - independently owned record stores all across the country, including Big Heavy World's Vermont Music Library & Shop, put special projects together. Paddy coordinated live on-air performances by Jenny Montana, Bridget Martin, Seth Gallant, and himself:

Michael Beauchamp, 'Somewhere Between Montana and Michigan' Jenny Montana, 'True Companion' (LIVE) Jenny Montana, 'Monarch Butterfly' (LIVE) Michael Beauchamp, 'Marry Me' Bridget Martin, 'Slow Boat' (LIVE) Michael Beauchamp, 'Cloud Lookin' In' Paddy Reagan, 'Mexican Home' (LIVE) Paddy Reagan, 'At Home' (LIVE) Paddy Reagan, 'Fortunate to Say' (LIVE) Paddy Reagan, 'Pretty Your Mouth' (LIVE) Seth Gallant, 'Pretty Little Things' (LIVE)

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