'Rocket Shop' Playlist, 01/23/2008

The Luxury, 'Let Go'Caralina, 'Mayfield Place' The New Element, 'xAx' The Thunderbolts, 'Heart So Cold' The Middle Eight, 'You Woke Me Up' Tom Banjo, 'Simple Things' Mike Gordon, 'Exit Wound' Blinded By Rage, 'Let 'Em Swing' Construction Joe, 'Misanthrope' Missy Bly, 'Take Me To The Movies' Wide Wail, 'She's Not The One' Missy Bly, 'Past Midnight' Manifest Next To Me, 'Victim Oblivion' Torsion, 'thisbattleismine'

'Rocket Shop.' a local music radio hour, airs every Wednesday, 8-9pm in Burlington, VT at 105.9FM WOMM-LP 'The Radiator.'