'Rocket Shop' Playlist, 01/16/2008

Jesse Haven, 'Lonely Old Goat'Crowfeather, 'Honey Pie' Justin Levinson, 'Heavy Weight' Dirt War, 'Track #3' Austin Sirch, 'Wishing Bell' Rik Palieri, 'Ozark Mouth Bow' Missy Bly, 'Animal Eyes' Buck & The Black Cats, 'Dixie Jean' Capstan Shafts, 'Blue Foreign Cartoons' Evolocity, 'Set You Free' Caracalla, 'Looking Through The Obituaries For You' Cleary Bros. Band 'Fancy Pants' Duane Carleton, 'The True American' Anais Mitchell, 'Hobo's Lullaby' Heloise & the Savoir Faire, 'I Think U Suck' Essex Green, 'Everything is Green'

'Rocket Shop.' a local music radio hour, airs every Wednesday, 8-9pm in Burlington, VT at 105.9FM WOMM-LP 'The Radiator.'