New Faces

tonya_adri%5B1%5D.jpgVMLS welcomes Adriana Ramirez and myself, Tonya West, to the volunteer crew! We are looking forward to digging up and sharing bits of unearthed history and progress toward preserving the L.S. Gordon Store. The foundation of the building was laid a long time ago, so now more than 100 years later we are exploring the framework – figuratively and literally. Adri will be piecing together the timeline from 1857 to present day. It’s our goal that this, with information gathered through interviews and research, will help to secure capital support for the restoration and help us register it as a historic building. I will be figuring out what work needs to be done in the immediate sense to save the building from future damage. Together, Adri and I will also assist in the restoration plan, gather quotes to build a budget and represent the project at public appearances, including the Vermont History Expo coming up this June 23 and 24 in Tunbridge. If you have any stories to tell about the L.S. Gordon Store, either past or present, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and weave your thread into our research and blog. A junior at the University of Vermont, Adri is majoring in Sociology and Theatre and enjoys the music scene at Big Heavy World. Tonya is a Burlington native who works for an architectural firm and is a big lover of local music.

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