Newzrag #24

BIG HEAVY WORLD NEWZRAG #24 October 26, 2001The news of and the music of Burlington, Vermont



242.01 CD RELEASE WUZZA PAAAAAAAAARTAY! Ten raging bands, two full nights of outrageous music... last week's 242.01 CD release was a great time. Thanks to everyone who filled the place for coming out to support 242, Big Heavy World, and your Burlington scene and thanks from us to the bands who gave so much more than all they had to make it an over-the-top riot. We hope you had as much fun as us. PRISONER 13, TORSION, DOWNSLIDE, S.T.M.P., PLEASANT TENSE, THE BAZOOKAS, DYSFUNKSHUN, THE MAGIC IS GONE, NINJA DEATH SQUAD, and ABSOLUTE ZERO knew how to make it a party.

If you didn't grab 242.01 at the show, pick it up in downtown Burlington at Pure Pop or Disc Go Round. It's on its way to Middlebury, Rutland, Montpelier, and the rest of Vermont so keep your ears peeled (it's also available at 23 tracks (almost 80 minutes) of music by bands that have played at 242, with all proceeds benefiting 242 Main: Pleasant Tense “The New Way”; Suffer The Masses “Advancement”; Absolute Zero “Annie May”; River City Rebels “Religion”; S.T.M.P. “Time Kills All Pain”; chainsaws.and.children “Isolation”; Theatre Of Cruelty “The Girl Who Stood On A Grave”; Dysfunkshun “Company You Keep”; The Magic Is Gone “Nixon”; The Bazookas “Devil Dog”; Ninja Death Squad “If God Hates Fags (I Hate God)”; Downslide “Spiritscarred”; Five Seconds Expired “Memory”; 5% Joe “Letter From Luke”; Drowningman “Angles And Defenses”; The Halogens “Loudmouth”; Disillusioned “Mind Of Doubt”; Prisoner 13 “No Regrets”; Wreckinghorn “UFO”; Minimus “Dirty”; Dischord “Missing Dave”; and Torsion “We All Die”.

CATCH 22 AT GAVIN'S BARN IN WARREN 10/27 Punk hoard CATCH 22, RIVER CITY REBELS, WORTHLESS, and MY REVENGE torch Gavin's barn on Saturday October 27th, 7pm. $5, 46 School Road in Warren, VT, all ages. The BHW crew will be there, hope you will too. Info or (802) 496-6750. Gavin's posted driving directions on the BHW bulletin board,

HALLOWEEN HARDCORE SHOW @ MILLENNIUM 10/29 Fiction Productions are staking Millennium to present a Halloween hardcore bash - TORSION and special guests return to rekindle the Club Toast embers on Monday 10/29. If you were at Fiction's SUMMER SKOOL this year you know wut we're talking about... 9pm-2am, 18+ until 11pm. DJ Friction spins between bands.

EGAN MEDIA OPEN HOUSE NOV. 1 = WIN 4 HOURS OF RECORDING TIME The Egan Media Productions Fall Open House is Thursday, November 1 from 6 'til 9pm and if you're a musician you won't want to miss it. Register to win a four-hour recording session at the brand new recording studio. EMP is world class, selected to appear on the cover of Mix Magazine even. Some of the dirt: Two recording studios with Pro Tools 24, 2" 24 track analog and 48 tracks of ADAT, 5.1 surround sound control room and automated analog and digital mixdown. Be there, get the tour, win four hours of recording time. Any questions? :) Call (802) 655-1886 for details.

ROCK N BOWL 2001: ALL AGES ROCKOUT AT YANKEE LANES Friday November 2 is the start of a slammin' weekend... get it rolling at the Rock 'n' Bowl with THE BAZOOKAS, THE DAKOTA, and SUMMER FLING. An all-ages show from 10pm to 1am. $12 Tix includes your bowling shoes. Yankee lanes is just off Exit 16 in Colchester.

SEROTONIN: MONSTER DJ BASH TO BENEFIT BHW With huge props to producers Jason Storer, JeremyD (the btownsound) and the SEROTONIN event crew, we give you the heads-up for SEROTONIN on Friday, November 2. It's a house party with THREE DJ ROOMS, soundz spinning from 9pm 'til 5am, but Jason sez as long as it's hopping they won't bother stopping. Expect trance, house, drum'n'bass, jungle, downbeat, and ambient styles from Cygnus X-1 (Sun Temple Productions, Montreal), DJ Monaco (WRUV 90.1), Ke Dhis (Astral Loungers Society), Jeremy D. (, Major Tom (WRUV 90.1), Maxxx (Sun Temple Productions, Scream DJ, Montreal), McKen (Sun Temple Productions, Montreal), Pink Sol (DL Productions), Ricochet (Drontetone Productions), Solar Flair (WRUV 90.1), Valerie (WRUV 90.1), and Will Stanton (Sapphire Productions). SEROTONIN location TBA November 1 at and (802) 283-2303 (web & message continually updated). Tix are $12 before the show, available at Liquid Energy Cafe and Pure Pop in downtown Burlington, $15 at the door ($3 discount w/college I.D.). 18+ or college I.D. to enter. The show is sponsored by, WRUV, and Liquid Energy Cafe (catering it). Our Webgod Justin Gonyea will be there with Kyle "Fattie B" Thompson's Hop 3 & Hop 4 compilation CDs for sale - save a couple bucks on them and grab some of Burlington's finest urban music stylings. For more info about the event contact A portion of SEROTONIN proceeds will benefit Big Heavy World.

PERMANENT BROADCASTING AT 242 MAIN We'll soon be installing a dedicated broadcasting PC at 242 and throwing the switch to broadcast any bands that want their bad selves heard live on the BHW web site, just about any day of the week. We've been streaming with Agent X's laptop for a loooong time and this takes us and 242 to the next level... if you're in a band and want to be broadcast from 242, contact and Sarah or Manu will get a release to you. If you want to hear the live shows online, head to the Big Heavy World Streamery at where you can also check a 24-hour broadcast of Vermont music - more than 3600 tracks from our Vermont music library spinning randomly. It's a trip and a timewarp, for sure.

"SCENE" MEETINGS ONGOING Anybody wanting to join an open forum about Burlington scene issues is welcome to come: Thursday 11/8 6pm, Red Square. There's been two so far and we'll eventually get them going monthly at different venues each time. First couple meetings ended up about all ages shows and venues, 18+ venues, rehearsal space (and future lack of it). Got issues/ideas? Bring 'em. Especially if you can think of something more clever to name the damned meetings. That should be easy. Justin Wygmans, former co-owner of Club Toast, provided the kick in the ass to make them happen.

WEEKLY CD GIVEAWAYS PORK UP Every week we do our best to give away cherry CDs on our weekly CD giveaway page at To give you an idea of what's there to score for yourself we'll be tossing up Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, Suzanne Vega, The K.G.B., Garbage, The Apex Theory and more, one after another, through the end of the year. To enter send us an email with the subject "Booya!" and you'll be in the running. We're at

BHW SERVER UPGRADE: CONDITION GREEN With profound thanks to Dawn D'Angelillo and Small Dog Electronics for their sponsorship of Macintosh OSX 10.1 Server, we've upgraded the BHW G4 server (also sponsored by Small Dog!) and will soon be presenting what we hope you think is an absolutely lethally cool club listings section. A new custom storefront is in the works for too, all thanks to BHW site sponsor Scully Interactive. Meanwhile, if you notice anything buggy about the site would you let us know? We hope to polish it up and be roaring with new paparazzi and MP3 showcase trax by the end of the year. Our email is and we TOTALLY appreciate the help with getting it all nailed down right for you.

BHW THANKS Thanks to Richard Bailey and Simon Brody for being so good to us during the 242.01 CD release - our communitiy owes a lot to them. Thanx also to Zach for manning his post during two grueling nights, and to Chris Valyou for the flawless sound engineering. Thanks to Mike Joyce and Russ Bennett at SoBe for giving away that sh*tload of SoBe at the party - Adrenaline Rush helped get us through it! Thanks to Luis Calderan, Eugene, and the Gravis grrlz for their incredible swag giveaways too. Thanx to Karri Benoit for the ultra-styling desk lamp donation. Seeing what we're doing is a fresh concept in our 7-watt office. Thanks to all the friends who are hanging with us through a year of BHW benefit shows - 2001 is the first time in six years we've made a determined effort to catch up and keep up. Only a couple thousand $ to go and we're in the clear. Your. Patience. Rocks.

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