Newzrag #5

Big Heavy World Newzrag Episode 4, Rag #5 June 9, 2000 - Christmas Lights in June???Hey hey hey, we're back, and better than....the last time you checked. This is your friendly neighborhood e-mail rag from all of us here in Big Heavy World land. I guess its about time we let you know waz happenin wit' your local Burlington VT music scene, so let's break it down, YO. And remember to e-mail your Vermont music newz to! Written by BHW slave #1: Joe "O.G. - Original Gangsta" Atherton.

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Stuff Inside: * The HELLBENDER: Countdown to Oblivion: June 24, you're damn right! * Burlington Skatepark Grand Opening: 5 Burlington Bands Break it Down old skool! * Torsion on Cherie & Yolanda Show June 13 * Stephen Goldberg and Bill Gagnon blend Melody and Poetry June 9 (TONIGHT), Go Check It Out * 242 Main Benefit June 17: Win a Year Pass to 242 Main and Catch Nine Bands All At The Same Time! * James Kochalka Tours Scandinavia. Rage Against the Machine Will Be There * New Breakaway CD due from Gadfly Records, The Wait Is Almost Over * Missy Bly to open for Jonathan Richman, then The Figgs! * 242 Main Shows thru June 27 * Friendz of Burlington, Battershell, in Girl Band Search * Big Heavy World Thanx A Lot Of Cool Special People * Welcome to the New Big Heavy Crew, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You!

Label Newz: ~ Chin Ho! Plays Burlington's Pride ~ Free Chainsaws and Children Video Download - Release Party at Millennium's Independance Rave ~ Chainsaws and Children Video on Cherie & Yolanda Show June 13. ~ Chainsaws and Children Live on Buzz Homebrew Show Sunday June 18 ~ Chainsaws and Children to play DefCon. Did we say DEFCON? Hey, we said D-E-F-C-O-N! ~ Chin Ho! and Chainsaws and Children Available Coast to Coast, Soon Worldwide Domination ~ Upcoming Chin Ho! Shows ~ Upcoming Chainsaws and Children Shows

For The Music Makers and Dream Weavers: + Los Angeles Music Awards Accepting Applications, So Do It Up! + Get Downloaded at, Where the Aliens Hang Out + Songwriters: Rise up for the Folk Insurrection! + eMerge e-mail List Software, get in touch with all of your fans

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THE HELLBENDER: SIX BANDS RIP IT UP FOR WONDERDRUG'S 10TH BIRTHDAY The cool ass Big Heavy World record label of Burlington, Vermont and the equally cool ass Wonderdrug Records of Boston, Massachusetts team to celebrate Wonderdrugs tenth anniversary by presenting THE HELLBENDER!!!, (Be scared) a hardcore spectacle featuring Bostons finest loudcore bands Tree and Scissorfight, Big Heavy Worlds industrial hellions Chainsaws and Children, and Burlington heavies Torsion, Evenmind, and Pleasant Tense. Heavy-metal spoken word artist Duncan Wilder Johnson performs, and a special appearance by the bowel-shaking band SHARD brings massive bass and bagpipes to the Higher Ground stage. A B-Side 145 Skate Deck will be raffled to benefit 242 Main and an info-overload of live Quake bloodsport video projections and interactive CG visuals from Sonique will contribute to the mayhem. Oh yeah, we got the hook up. THE HELLBENDER offers an opportunity to discover the issues confronted by Anti Racist Action at an information table organized by local youth activists. For more information about ARA contact super cool Nora Murphy at (802) 893-2444. THE HELLBENDER detonates on Saturday, June 24 at Higher Ground in Winooski, Vermont. So run while you can. Doors open for this early, all-ages show at 5pm. Bands perform 6pm (sharp) until midnight. Tickets are available in advance and at the door for $10. Persons with Big Heavy World tattoos (you know who you are!) get in free. Advance tickets can be purchased at Pure Pop or The Flynn Theatre Box Office in Burlington (and all Flynn outlets), Tones in Johnson, and Peacock Music in Plattsburgh, NY or call 86-FLYNN. THE HELLBENDER is presented by Big Heavy World and Wonderdrug Records. Its made possible by the generous sponsorship of Advance Music (, The B-Side (, WWPV 88.7FM (, 99.9 The Buzz Homebrew Show (, WBVT UPN (, and Sonique ( A concert to scare the bejeezus out of any man, woman or child alive, boy that's great.

BURLINGTON SKATEPARK GRAND OPENING CONCERT After ten years of political and fiscal struggle the Burlington Skatepark will celebrate its triumphant Grand Opening on July 3, 2000. The Waterfront Park venue is set to explode with free afternoon performances by five of Burlingtons hottest bands: tech-core masters of ear brutality Chainsaws and Children and alt-pop anatomically correct action heroes Chin Ho! appear courtesy the Big Heavy World record label; perennial alternative faves Zola Turn slam down their chick-rock power pop; Dysfunkshun will get everyones groove-thing shaking to their irresistible crossover hiphop stylings (but don't shake it too much); and The Halogens bring Americanized Brit-pop to the stage. The opening ceremony and concert take place from noon through 5 p.m. on Monday, July 3 at the Skatepark site on Waterfront Park (next to the Coast Guard building) in Burlington, Vermont. Its an outdoor event, free for all ages, so even grandma can come rock out. The Skirack will host company reps from K2, Rollerblade, Rocs, Salomon, and Tecnica with raffle prizes and demo skates for everyone to try. The Skirack Aggressive Skate Team will also be there to show off their death-defying moves. The Skatepark will be open to the public. The Skatepark Grand Opening Celebration and Concert event is presented by Burlington Parks and Recreation and the Big Heavy World record label. Its made possible by the generous support of the awesome sponsors who have contributed time, energy, exposure and financial support to the Grand Opening Celebration: Burton Snowboards (, 106.7 WIZN The Wizard (, WBVT UPN (, 99.9 The Buzz (, Skirack (, Advance Music (, B-Side (, Small Dog Electronics ( and Jager Di Paola Kemp ( For information about the bands, including streaming and downloadable audio, see

TORSION ON CHERIE & YOLANDA SHOW Check out Torsion on the Cherie and Yolanda show on Adelphia Ch. 15 at 10pm on Tuesday June 13 LIVE and in person.

FLUGELHORNINST AND POET STEPHEN GOLDBERG AND BASSIST/POET BILL GAGNON JOIN FORCES On Friday June 9th, at 7:00 pm No Wall's incredible flugelhornist and poet Stephen Goldberg and bassist/cellist Bill Gagnon will be combining beautiful poetry and dream-like music in the Flynndog gallery space. The good people at Together Networks and Signal To Noise will be sponsering this event and Flynndog will be donating the venue. If you want more info you can call 652-9985, or if you're all technological-like you can e-mail

THE BIG EVENT: 242 MAIN BENEFIT On Saturday June the 17th at 5 o'clock in the p.m., all the cool people at 242 will be holding a benefit show to raise some money so that they can keep bringing you all the cool music you crave. Problem Box, Enemy, Disillusion, Downslide, Torsion, Evenmind, Prisoner 13, Overthrow and Drowningman will be the bands donating thier time for this great cause. And if that wasn't enough, they will be raffling off a Year Pass to 242. All of this for only $7! You can't find a better deal than that.

JAMES KOCHALKA TOURS SCANDINAVIA The lovely James Kochalka will be touring the beautiful Scandinavian countryside in June. He will be spreading his love at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden on the 15 and 17 and in Copenhagen on the 22 and 23 of the month. Accompanying him on his romp through Scandanavia will be a super group of musicians from a bunch of Danish bands on the Crunchy Frog label, and his always congenial guitarist Pistol Stamen. And if that wasn't enough to make you whip out your passport, Rage Against the Machine will be playing at the Hultsfred festival as well. James Kochalka International Tours boarding at gate 32.

NEW BREAKAWAY CD DUE FROM GADFLY RECORDS The incredible band Breakaway will be releasing their new CD, "Hold with Hope" on July 25th in stores, but you can get it right now if you order it direct from Gadfly records. It costs only $15 and you can order it by mailing to Gadfly Records, PO Box 5231, Burlington VT 05402. Or if you pick up your telephone and call them at 1-888-9GADFLY. Or if you don't even want to call, you can e-mail them at And if that wasn't enough, if you order in June, the pretty people at Gadfly will give you a 2nd CD from their catalog for 1/2 price. So call, and make your life happy. If you want to learn more about Breakaway you can visit them on that World Wide Web thing at

MISSY BLY TO OPEN FOR LEGENDS Come listen to the delightful indie rock sounds of Missy Bly at Higher Ground on June 17th as they open for the legendary eclectic styles of Jonathan Richman. And if you're silly enough to miss that show (and why would you miss it?) you can catch them again on June 19th at Club Metronome as they open up for The Figgs. Two Great shows, a bunch of great bands. And remember boys and grrls, Missy Bly has a new album arriving this fall, so be sure to grab it when it comes out. Hear a tune from Missy's current CD at

242 MAIN SHOWS, UPCOMING 242 delivers a slew of new shows this month, one right after another. Starting tonight with Lawless, Surrounded by Idiots, Ninja Death Squad and Crackwhore, this one starts at 8pm and it'll only cost you $5 to get into. And the day after (June 10) you can see Murphy's Law, Amazing Crowns, Dysfunkshun, River City Rebels, and In Reach at 7pm for the low low cost of $10. On Wednesday the 14th, you can see Tresemblic Shift, Synnecrosis, NJ Bloodline, 9 Ball Plague, and Amatol 7pm, $5. Saturday June 17 is the 242 benefit show that you already read about with Problem Box, Enemy, Disillusion, Downslide, Torsion, Evenmind, Prisoner 13, Overthrow, Sanity and Drowningman. And at the end of the month (June 27th) come visit with Drowningman, Darkest Hour, Poison in the Well, 12 Tribes, Killswitch, and Engage, 7pm, $6.

BURLINGTON FRENZ, BATTERSHELL, IN GIRL BAND SEARCH Our Luv Punk buddies in Battershell recently made it to the top 3 finalists of the Atlantic Records/Glamour Magazine/Steve Madden Girl Band Search. They beat out 5,000 other bands to get to their position, and they got flown out to NYC to play at the Plaza Hotel. They will be playing live Thursday June 15 at 6:30 (FREE) at the South Street Seaport. Get ready for all sorts luv punk mayhem.

BIG HEAVY WORLD THANX OUR FRIENDS Big Heavy World wouldn't be possible without the help of our kick-ass volunteer crew and sponsors, each of whom feels the LUV, but there's also people who come in and out of our lives that we want to give special thanks to for being who they are. In this Newzrag we give props and thanx to Rick Woods who helped Big Bad Jim Lockridge carry a pile of gear from the Flynn Tag Sale over to the BHW office - he offered, we accepted, he rocks. Also, Mike Gray's internship just ended - after months of KICKING ASS our St. Michael's bad boy is in the real world and we wish him the best. BJ Scott, former WIZN DJ and Chittenden Bank guru, heads west for Cali - a scholar, gentleman, and rocker - we'll miss him and wish him the hugest fame, fortune, and happiness.

NEW CREW MEMBERS, FRESH OUT OF BOOT CAMP Our new freshly broken-in crew members at Big Heavy World are in the trenches: Christina Oppold (Murray State University, KY), Margaret Maurice, Joe Beaulieu, and Gina Paquette (Infinity Broadcasting/WRCH 100.5) are NOT taking prisoners....! Pop the top and enjoy.

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CHIN HO! PERFORMS PRIDE 2000 IN BURLINGTON Chin Ho! are scheduled to perform at Vermonts largest Gay Pride Celebration, Pride Vermont 2000, on Saturday, June 17, 2000. Pride Vermont 2000 ( celebrates the pending passage of the new State of Vermont Civil Union Law. A parade at noon will travel through downtown Burlington to the Lake Champlain Waterfront, where festival activities under fifteen tents will include exhibitors, food, and a free extended concert from 1:30-5:00pm. Chin Ho! ( will be the first of two full electric bands to perform with an eclectic assortment of entertainers: The Sisters Lemay, Chin Ho!, Cherie Tartt, Katherine Quinn, The Gay Men's Choir, Noelle, Ekis, Tim Kira & Patty Garback, The Samadhi Singers, Dream Tribe, and Yolanda. Members of Chin Ho! will join other stars of the event in a special, supergroup surprise performance at concerts end.

FREE LIVE CHAINSAWS VIDEO DOWNLOAD - VIDEO RELEASE PARTY/RAVE AT MILLENNIUM Grab the QuickTime vid of Chainsaws and Children live at Higher Ground December 10, 1999. It's the .daca. CD Release Party and you've never seen this much noise and nipple biting in one 4-minute show before... Keep your eyes open for special on-stage guest Nate Meunier from Ninja Death Squad and Crackwhore. The videography is by Michael Farley and Bill Kinzie of 2Much Media, fellow Burlington rockers with an smokin' digital video/multimedia operation. The video was directed and edited by the amazing Michael Farley, our new Hollywood hero. Grab the vid at The vid is of cannibal:burn, the third track on Chainsaws and Children's debut full-length CD .daca.. It's in QuickTime format, encoded at CDRom quality, 25MB. The cannibal:burn video release party is July 3 at Club Millennium, 165 Church Street in Burlington, where the Children will be hanging with DJ Robbie J. (Techno, House, Breaks), DJ Frostee (Vocal House, Hard House), DJ Spin (Vocal House, Progressive House), and DJ Irie (Progressive House, Tribal House), as they spin until 4am. While the Kiddie clan is slamming down the tech-core on the big screen the DJs will be hosting Millennium's Madd House Rave Event sponsored by Liquid Energy Cafe, Sonique (, and Big Heavy World. Big Heavy will be giving away .daca. CDs, too. Starts at 9pm (after the Burlington city fireworks) $5 21+, $8 18-21. Contact

CANNIBAL:BURN VIDEO DEBUTS ON TELEVISION JUNE 13 The new live Chainsaws and Children video of cannibal:burn from the CD release party performance at Higher Ground last December will be shown on the Cherie & Yolanda Show June 13, Adelphia Cable Channel 15! It's so hot, you might have to turn down the brightness on your TV!

CHAINSAWS AND CHILDREN ON BUZZ HOMEBREW LIVE!!! June 18 at 9:30 Big Heavy World's own tech-core messengers of doom will be on the Buzz Homebrew Show, which is hosted by our favorite radio star Kevin Murrihy. you can call and harass them at 802-658-4999 and ask them to light you on fire.

CHAINSAWS AND CHILDREN TO PLAY DEFCON Tech-core hellions Chainsaws and Children will be playing DEFCON!!!! Oh yes, we said DEFCON on July 28th-30th. And what is DefCon you might ask? DefCon ( is the three-day underground party for 'computer security' people of all types from all over the world. The event has been held for the last 7 years in Las Vegas, Nevada and this year is at the Alexis Park Resort. So go, gamble, learn more about unauthorized root transitions and see Burlington's favorite tech-core band in action.

CHIN HO! AND CHAINSAWS AND CHILDREN AVAILABLE COAST TO COAST Chin Ho!'s Girl E.P. and Chainsaws and Children's debut CD .daca. are now available from Massachusettes to Florida to California thanx to Big Heavy World distributor Redeye U.S.A. Props to them for turning everybody from Newbury Comics to Tower Records on to our badass Burlington posse! Redeye U.S.A.: (336) 578-7300,

UPCOMING CHIN HO! SHOWS JUNE 17 PRIDE DAY CELEBRATION at Waterfront with Yolanda and others. (See above!). And again on July 3 at the BURLINGTON SKATEPARK GRAND OPENING Celebrate the opening of Burlington's Skatepark with Chainsaws and Children, Zola Turn, Dysfunkshun, and The Halogens. Waterfront Park, Noon to 5pm. Fireworks, the skatepark and Chin Ho!, life doesn't get much better than this. (See above!). CHARLOTTE, NC Fat City Deli July 14 with Fuzzy Sprouts. BURLINGTON, VT BATTERY PARK CONCERT SERIES August 3, 7pm Battery Park, acoustic and free! NAG'S HEAD, NC, Cannon Club at the Carolinian Hotel w/Agents of Good Roots.

UPCOMING CHAINSAWS AND CHILDREN SHOWS THE HELLBENDER at Higher Ground on June 24th but you already knew that, right. And again at the Opening of the Burlington Skate park with Chin Ho!, Zola Turn, Dysfunkshun, and the Halogens and you knew that one too. Again in RENO, NV Chaos, July 26. And finally DEFCON, LAS VEGAS, NV at the Alexis Park Resort, July 28. Burn!

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LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS (NOVEMBER 2000) ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS The 10th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards is currently accepting submissions from artists, musicians & performers of all music genres for nomination consideration. The annual event, slated for mid November, will honor the achievements and contributions of local, national and international artists and other music industry professionals, this means you. In addition to having recorded material evaluated by the LAMA Selections Committee, artists will also be chosen to perform in the coveted LAMA Showcase Series. A total of 50 showcases will take place this year invarious venues throughout the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas areas. The criteria for submissions is: 1) Submitting artists cannot be currently signed to, or be distributed by, a major record label. Independent labels are accepted. 2) The recorded material, preferably on CD, must consist of three (3) or more original compositions. Contact information must be included. Bio, pictures and press kits are suggested, but not required. 3) A $30 processing fee in check or money order, payable to "L.A. Music Awards", is required. Submissions will not be reviewed without the non-refundable fee. NOTE: All material submitted will not be returned and will remain the property of the LAMA. Submitting material for evaluation or performing in a showcase does not guarantee the participant a nomination or any other obligation by the Los Angeles Music Awards organization. Mail submissions to: L.A. MUSIC AWARDS, PM BOX 1370, 7095 HOLLYWOOD BLVD., HOLLYWOOD, CA 90028-8903.

GET DOWNLOADED AT SONIQUE.COM Big Heavy buddies Sonique ( invite you to get your music to them to maybe get it featured on the Sonique Music site! Sonique is the world's coolest MP3 player, "made by aliens" (since you asked). So far Big Heavy World recording artists Chin Ho! and Chainsaws and Children have been downloaded more than 6,200 times - and we don't intend to stop there. Go ahead, break the record! Contact Ian at Sonique: for info about how to get your CD to them.

FOLK INSURRECTION IN PROGRESS Big Heavy World is sponsoring the Folk Insurrection, a monthly showcase for Vermont singer-songwriters to be held at Red Square in downtown Burlington. The whole deal will be made possible by a grant from Burlington City Arts and series producer Josh Silberstein. Interested musicians should send a demo and bio to Josh at P.O. Box 8525, Burlington, VT 05402 or email Watch for the first showcase in July!

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