Newzrag #4

BIG HEAVY WORLD NEWZRAGEPISODE 4, RAG #4 May 22, 2000 - Ooops, We did it again -

And Hello again from all of the friendly souls here at Big Heavy World. This is your e-mail Newzrag from the boys and girls to lets you know about what's happenin' with your favorite local bands. We give you the dish that you need to sustain your local music fix for the next couple of weeks. We help you out, you help us out. We're all a big happy family. Alright, enough happy crappy, let's get down to business. And remember to e-mail your Vermont music newz to! Written by BHW slave #1: Joe "I Get Jokes" Atherton.

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Stuff Inside: * Wreckinghorn Wins Advance Music Buzz Homebrew High School Band Search! Watch Out! * New 242 Main Web Site Built by Happy Little Elves. Then Massacred by Cool Pixies. * ViperHouse Loses Members. :( * National Geographic Likes Big Heavy World (We think...)

On The Horizon: * Missy Bly to open for Jonathan Richman, then The Figgs! * Torsion on Cherie & Yolanda Show June 13, What a Pair

Label Newz: ~ Chin Ho! "Girl" Licensed to ESPN X-Games! Get X-treme and X-cercised and X-tricated! ~ Upcoming Chin Ho! Shows, You Know You Miss Them ~ Upcoming Chainsaws and Children Shows, Get Your Fire Extinguisher Ready

For The Music Makers and Dream Weavers: + Thanks to all who've linked to BHW! We Love You All... But In A Healthy Way + 242 Main Wants The Most Important Opinion of All...YOURS! + Songwriters: Rise up for the Folk Insurrection! + Bands: Check your info in the BHW Band Guide! + eMerge e-mail List Software, get in touch with all of your fans

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WRECKINGHORN WINS ADVANCE MUSIC BUZZ HOMEBREW HIGH SCHOOL BAND SEARCH And the Winner of the Advance Music Buzz Homebrew High School Band search is.......Wreckinghorn! Stand up and take a bow!....oh wait, you already did that. And we have pics of it on the BHW site! ( They won a bunch of cool stuff like some recording time at Eclipse Studios in Hinesburg, a gift certificate from the good people at Advance Music, a band photo by the local legend Matt Thorsen, and we hear that they even get to be heard on the Buzz Homebrew Show hosted by everyone's favorite DJ, Kevin Murrihy. You can hear cool Wreckinghorn tracks at as well. But the other bands were wicked cool as well. A lot of praise goes out to Suicide Spring, Cold Spot, Ramorse, Haphazard and Absolute Zero. All of you guys did a kick-ass job, and deserve a lot of credit. Check Wreckinghorn out at Nice job everyone!

NEW 242 MAIN WEB SITE IZ UP The 242 Main site has been re-vamped. So go check it out at We promise that you won't be sorry. We know that you love 242, so get online. In a hurry. Technology is wonderful isn't it?

VIPERHOUSE LOSES MEMBERS Every beautiful thing has to come to an end doesn't it? Or at least a new beginning. Well, the self-described "jazz spasm" band viperHouse is losing three of it's original nine members. Vocalist Heloise Williams, trumpeter Brian Boyes and percussionist PJ Davidian are all going to be departing from the legendary band in mid-june. Dry your tears young ones, they will be playing a few more shows in West Chester, Philly, Hobart College, Stratton (May 27th), NYC, and North Hampton. Their final show with all of the original members will be on June 10th at Higher Ground for the Discover Jazz Festival. And you can rest-assured that the three members that left do so because of personal reasons, no name calling or anything silly like that. We will all miss them dearly. The remaining six members of viperHouse will be collaborating with Zach Tennyson and will continue on in the future. For more info check out

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ROCKS HARDER THAN WE THOUGHT... Our technobuddies at National Geographic ( have a link up that goes right smack back to Big Heavy World. They think we're "funky." We like that. Thanx you guyz!

MISSY BLY TO OPEN FOR LEGENDS Come listen to the delightful indie rock sounds of Missy Bly at Higher Ground on June 17th as they open for the legendary eclectic styles of Jonathan Richman. And if you're silly enough to miss that show (and why would you miss it?) you can catch them again on June 19th at Club Metronome as they open up for The Figgs. Two Great shows, a bunch of great bands. And remember boys and grrls, Missy Bly has a new album arriving this fall, so be sure to grab it when it comes out. Hear a tune from Missy's current CD at

TORSION ON CHERIE & YOLANDA SHOW Check out the devastating band Torsion on the Cherie and Yolanda show on Adelphia Ch. 15 at 10pm on Tuesday June 13 LIVE and in person. Pulling together all the best elements of metal, hardcore, hip-hop, punk, etc., Torsion creates a style all their own. From their energetic stage presence to the intensity of their music, Torsion looks to incite the audience through phonic mayhem. When you put down heavy metal style guitars, deep and technical slap bass, hardcore/hip-hop drum lines, and an obscene deejay assualt accompanied by a vocal attack that will "damage ya' stamina" you get TORSION. Check them out at Torsion will be touring in their new school bus, complete with evil looking flames on the side. This ain't no trip with the Partridge Family, this is for real.

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ESPN X-GAMES LICENSE MUSIC FROM 'GIRL' Our own pop action hero friends Chin Ho! have been licensed by ESPN for use in their X-Games to be airing on ESPN and ESPN2 from August 20 to the third of September. Think X-Treme, think Chin Ho! and remember to watch in the coming months for them. Saving the world one club at a time.

UPCOMING CHIN HO! SHOWS CHIN HO! AT METRONOME JUNE 2 Our very own alterna-pop action figures Chin Ho! will be playing at Club Metronome on Friday June 2 with their very special guests and buddies, Missing Joe and another opener to be announced later. We'll keep you posted. JUNE 17 PRIDE DAY CELEBRATION at Waterfront with Yolanda and the Plastic Family and others (info to come). And again on July 3 at the BURLINGTON SKATEPARK GRAND OPENING Celebrate the opening of Burlington's Skatepark with Chainsaws and Children, Zola Turn, Dysfunkshun, and The Halogens. Waterfront Park, Noon to 5pm. Fireworks, the skatepark and Chin Ho!, life doesn't get much better than this. (More info to come!)

UPCOMING CHAINSAWS AND CHILDREN SHOWS Our own fiery fiends Chainsaws and Children will be playing at Cafe Eclipse in NH with 4 other bands on May 26th, and then again the next day with Dysfunkshun and Woodstock second-stager, Gargantua Soul at 242 Main. Come see two of the areas best bands play with a band that has been seen by bizillions of people. Three huge bands, one night, g'damn that's cool. Bring your fire blanket. They will also be playing at Higher Ground on June 24th as part of the BHW HELLBENDER!!!!!!! (All the dirt is at And again at the Opening of the Burlington Skate park with Chin Ho!, Zola Turn, Dysfunction, and the Halogens. (More info to come!). The weather is getting hotter and so are the shows!!!

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THANX TO BURLINGTON BANDS FOR LINX TO BIG HEAVY!!! We would like to thank all of the cool bands that link to Big Heavy World for just being there. Thanks to Robin Gottfried (, The Halogens (, Zola Turn (, Crackwhore (, viperHouse (, Torsion ( and everybody else that's out there and care!

242 MAIN PROGRAMS: WHAT'S HOT AND WHAT'S NOT? (YOU TELL US!) 242 Main will be introducing a bunch of cool new programs for you, the devoted people. They want to get beyond just doing live music and introduce some new activities (and keep your favorites from last year rolling!). Programs such as Video, Fanzines, Activism, Theater, Visual Art, Music Theory/Lessons, Workshops for bands, Website Design, Silk Screening, Graphic Design, and Poetry Slams will be offered to you. They want your input so that they can make it happen. E-mail them at, tell them which of these programs you're into, and be heard by people that care.

FOLK INSURRECTION ON THE HORIZON Big Heavy World will be sponsoring the Folk Insurrection, a monthly showcase for Vermont singer-songwriters to be held at Red Square in downtown Burlington. The whole deal will be made possible by a grant from Burlington City Arts and series producer Josh Silberstein. Interested musicians should send a demo and bio to Josh at P.O. Box 8525, Burlington, VT 05402 or email Watch for the first showcase in July!

BANDS: IS YOUR CONTACT INFO CORRECT IN THE BHW BAND GUIDE? Visit and check your listing. Email us any updates at

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