June 2019

Silver Bridget at Farmhouse Tap & Grill June 17, 2019


I had a great time seeing music a week ago Monday at The Farmhouse Tap & Grill. The show was scheduled from 7-9 and I had to work until 7:30. I got out quickly and drove downtown. I got parked close by and walked into the lovely outside deck. I found a seat near the band and began to listen.

Silver Bridget played as a trio and their instrumental takes on classic songs were as delightful as ever. They were playing Country Roads as I got a beer, then followed with Old Man. Johnnie Day Durand gave the saw a little extra bend to wring out the notes. John Townsend strummed the acoustic guitar and kicked the drums as Matt Saraca played lead electric guitar. She Loves You followed and sounded nice, then they ended the set.

It was great to chat with them during the break, but soon it was time to discover how out of Bridget shape I’m in. The first two songs in the second set sounded very familiar but I couldn’t grasp them. I think one was a Beatles song and one might have been a Beach Boys tune. Across The Universe was easy to spot and sounded lovely. Creep had a nice dark edge to it and they followed with Over The Rainbow. I missed the next three, but thoroughly enjoyed them. We took a trip on the Blue Bayou and am reasonably sure we went Here, There, And Everywhere after that. Only Love Can Break Your Heart was achingly beautiful then they kicked into high gear for a blistering Paint It Black to close the night.

I hung out for a bit but soon, it was time to head home. It’s great to see them, but next time, I need to bring friends to help out.

Kali Ma and The Garland Of Arms at Radio Bean April 14, 2019


I had a great time seeing music on Sunday April 14th at Radio Bean. It was a long work day but I had plenty of time to relax and hang out. The hour got later and later but I was still awake. A little after 11:30, I took the lovely walk downtown and slid into the Bean. I said hi to Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms – KMGA and settled in. I had listened to a few songs on their album but still got lost as they opened with a mellow rocker. The next one was huge and glorious and I’m pretty sure the one after that was Toy Void. It’s nice to get to know an album. The next song had a slow bluesy start and a bit of a prog reggae vibe that made me smile. Spine followed and was epic. The one after that was a more poppy rocker then they played one with a nice heavy groove. They played one that started slow then built way up and finished the night with a cool rock groove. I still hadn’t gotten my head around the songs but was getting there. Since then, I’ve played their album a few dozen times and am all set to go the next time they come to town.

I hung out for a bit after the show but quickly took the lovely walk home. I got a few hours of sleep before work in the morning. I was a little tired, but it was so worth it.

Quiltro and Kali Ma And The Garland of Arms at The Monkey House April 13, 2019



I had a nice day at work and when I got home there was a message on Facebook from Faith Kelly reminding me to check out one of her new favorite bands. Who am I to stand in the way of such enthusiasm? I took the lovely long walk to Winooski, got settled, and soon it was time for openers Quiltroto take the stage. They lit in with a trance-Floyd vibe and added a soundscaping guitar. The second of their instrumental songs had more keys and a triumphant sound and I was in a happy place. The next song really lit me up and I’m pretty sure it was a cover of When You’re In from Obscured By Clouds. I was beaming. The rest of the eight song set was like a sea of sound and I enjoyed the swim. They closed with a cool smooth rocker and I really need to get to know them more.

The set break was reasonable then Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms – KMGA took the stage. They opened with a cool song and followed with one that was dropped from the stars prog. I was in a happy place. I had a hard time really getting my head around the songs so I just rocked back and forth a bit and let the wave of sound move me around. The sound was luscious and joyous and I just loved it. The fourth song of the set had a towering lead guitar part that lit me up, but it was the way the band flowed together that made me love them. They capped the 9 song set with a huge rocker and I was in a happy place. I hung out and chatted a bit and bought their CD then took the lovely walk home. Faith was so right.


Kali Ma And The Garland of Arms

Jenn Travers