Princess Nostalgia 16 May 2018 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour

Princess Nostalgia, aka Lilian Traviato

Princess Nostalgia, aka Lilian Traviato

Princess Nostalgia joined host Tom Proctor on 'Rocket Shop', Big Heavy World's weekly local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator.

Princess Nostalgia, AKA Lilian Traviato, may be new to the Burlington scene, but she’s no stranger to music. Since the age of eight, she’s been making music and setting up makeshift green screens in garages for videos. Like many kids, Traviato had to participate in school band through the fourth grade where she started learning to play the double bass. Unlike most, though, Traviato stuck with it and used her knowledge of the bass to start making her own music. She picks up inspiration from bands like Kraftwerk and MGMT, but Traviato attributes a lot of what she does and who she is to her parents. Her father is a musician himself and her mother is a visual artist and growing up with parents who brought ideas to life shaped the way Traviato makes music. “They really gave me this mentality of ‘if you want something, go make it.’” It’s clear she took the advice to heart as she designs her own album art and produces her own beats and music videos, which she describes as “a twinge absurd and not too serious. Never too serious."

Self-reliance is important to Traviato and that sentiment is mirrored in her music. A number of her songs deal with issues facing women today and ‘Lost and Found’ focuses on gender roles and reversal, putting Traviato in a suit and surrounded by barely dressed men as she puffs on a cigar. Traviato tries not to get too political, though, and the music video is not without her signature twinge of absurdity.

You can catch Princess Nostalgia on BandcampSoundcloud, and Youtube.

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Photo by James Lockridge.