Klan —7 August 2019 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour


Klan joined host Tom Proctor on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s weekly local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Keep up with them at facebook.com/BlackProphet-Ent-439979483452693/

On Wednesday, August 7, rap group Klan swaggered into the studio with some new tracks from fresh faced member $lim, a.k.a. o2mil$, as well as some new info. Klan’s rap group consists of Ode tha Prophet, Clef the God, Saint Swank, and recent addition $lim. Klan operates under BlackProphet Entertainment, who produces music, designs fashion, and promotes parties.

Klan was created by artists Ode tha Prophet and Clef. They met in Texas while performing as members of the entertainment group Juice. Only teenagers then, the two had little understanding of the world of rap and entertainment. Years later, after Juice had dissolved and Ode and Clef were left alone, the pair brought their musical prowess and entertainment experience to Burlington, and they gathered a few artists, designers, and marketers along the way. The pair have expanded their rap group Klan to the four man group it is now. They’ve also added party promotion and fashion lines to their list of offerings.

The groups primary focus still revolves around music, though. And the group emphasizes the honesty in their tracks. While other up and coming rappers follow trends, rapping about fortune and fame (which they haven’t earned), Klan tends to focus on real stories. Instead of rapping about money and cars, they rap about wishing for money and cars. As the tagline to $lim’s newest song goes, “I’d rather cry in a Bentley coupe.”

Impressing listeners isn’t their goal. It’s just about making music.

We’ve heard this phrase a lot from musicians on our show, but they tend to have a few more gray hairs and a lot more lines in their foreheads. For their age, these guys have a lot of experience.

“I feel like I’ve been alive for 30 years,” says Ode.

Not that 30 is old, but a few extra year’s worth of stories substantially aid any musician. The more experiences you have, the more stories you’ll have to tell, and the more opportunities you’ll have had to learn from. 

As they say, steel sharpens steel. Talent tests talent. These guys are accumulating artists and designers to craft a new brand in the Burlington rap scene.

They have a few upcoming concerts and showings, which you follow on their Facebook page, under BlackProphet Ent. Individually, they also have a few upcoming events. Clef’s projects, “Are We Dead” and “The AC is Broken” are set to be released soon. Swank’s project, “Ulterior Albums,” also has an upcoming release. $lim’s album, ‘o2mils p1’ is available on his Soundcloud page. The group’s biggest upcoming event includes a fashion release on September 9, a downtown release event, and a mansion party. Keep your eyes on their Facebook page for ticket and event details.

Text by Luke Vidic.

Photo by Bob Colquhoun.