About Time —28 August 2019 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour


About Time joined host Tom Proctor on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s weekly local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Catch up with them at facebook.com/AboutTimeVT

On Wednesday, August 28, About Time brought the funk to Rocket Shop. About Time includes John Brien on the keys; Stephanie Jacobs handling the tenor sax; Steve Fontaine on supporting vocals and harmonica; Rick Belford on drums; Dan Turner on bass; new member Connor on guitar and baritone sax; and the orotund voiced Lauren Kelly on the mic. This septet can turn any stage into a speakeasy, and nothing changed as they performed in our studio.

 About Time opened with their song “3 AM Friend,” found on their new album, ‘I Don’t Think I Belong Here,’ which was recorded at Meadowlark Studios in Williston and released on June 1. As with most of their songs, “3 AM Friend” features a host of solos and Lauren Kelly’s amiable vocals.

The band’s been honing their sound for over five years now. The band began on a street in Hinesburg. Lauren babysat for John. So when John needed a lead singer for his new band, he didn’t have to look far. Lauren’s background in jazz and theatre made her an excellent fit for John’s new band. Stephanie followed shortly thereafter and the band began performing as a trio. One after another, new artists joined. The trio became a quartet, then a quintet, then a sextet, and at last (with the recent addition of Connor) a septet.

Their recent album solves a problem they’ve had for the last five years: characterizing their sound. Some call it funk. Others, jazz pop. Music magazine, The Deli, calls it, “intoxicating jazz fusion.” Regardless, it’s toe tappin’, hip swingin’, and rockin’ and rollin’. And now, as Lauren put it, if anyone ever asks what kind of band About Time is, she can just hand them a CD. 

About Time’s next song also comes off their new album. “Rose Colored Glasses” is a song dedicated to one of John’s daughters, named Rose. The song features an energizing, driving beat, accompanied by the band’s staple solos. Although every member gets a part, and most get a solo, the song was originally composed for the band’s founding trio.

The band has been through a lot over the years. They’ve played at Higher Ground for Northern Exposure. They’ve made Seven Days’ list of best debut albums with ‘I Don’t Think I Belong Here.’ And they’ve endured countless, carsick hours of driving for a memorable show in New Hampshire. The last half-decade has been full of learning experiences, all of which led them to their first album, which was itself a learning experience. And like all learning experiences, it leads into another projects. Already the band is hoping for a second album. It’s been over a year since they were actually in the studio, but only three months since their album released. Yet they’re giddy to get more music recorded, and John is working on a proposal.

About Time finished off the night with the song, “Angry Red.”

You can find learn more about “About Time” on all of their social media pages. Find their updated list of upcoming events on their Facebook page.

Photo by James Lockridge.

Text by Luke Vidic.