Jesse Taylor Band —10 July 2019 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour


Jesse Taylor Band joined host Tom Proctor on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s weekly local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Catch up with them at

On Wednesday, June 14, Rocket Shop’s old friend Jess Taylor returned to perform. Only this time she brought company.

Matt Sicard took a seat at the drum set, Gabby Hall grooved with her bass, and Nick Treis tackled melodies on his guitar. Jesse still handled the vocals with guitar in hand, and all together the band performed songs written by Jesse. The band formed last October, about three months after Jesse last appeared on the show.

Jesse and Gabby met as counselors at a girl’s rock camp. They had been friends for a couple years when Jesse previous bass player left, so the switch was easy. Matt got into the band through Craigslist, and he brought his buddy Nick along with him.

The Jesse Taylor Band plays a unique style of musical which is technically unrepeatable: honest rock. Jesse’s songs are lyrically driven and hinge upon personal experiences. Although the band’s indie-rock sound may not stand out, Jesse’s lyrics and inspiration differentiate her. 

“I need to express myself or else I’ll lose my…uh…crap,” said Jesse.

Not much changed when Jesse created her band. She isn’t afraid to say anything, although she will hold herself to a PG vocabulary when on air. Jesse writes her songs from stream of conscience, finding sparks for inspiration in daily life and small moments. Jesse writes all of her own songs, but refers to the band for help and new ideas. Jess brings the lyrics and structure, but Matt could add a funky fill, or Nick could apply new motif. Jesse comes with a plan but is open to change. This personality trait may have come from another pivotal moment in her life.

Years ago, Jesse abandoned the plan laid out for her in favor of what her heart wanted. She went against what she always thought: “I’m going to go to dental hygiene school and get a degree and do all of those things and blah blah blah…eventually I realized what was really important.”

Now Jesse joins the tough life of many upstart artists. Bouncing between odd jobs and making music when she can. Jesse’s spent regrettable hours working in food service (don’t ask her about the bakery), and she currently supplements her musical endeavors with a job as a yoga instructor. As many artists know, art isn’t profitable. But of course that’s not why Jesse does what she does. It’s about being true to herself, and not losing her crap.

Check out the band on all of their social media, and also don’t miss out on Jesse’s music! She recorded a five song EP last November, which is available on Spotify and other streaming services. The Jesse Taylor Band plans on delivering their own EP in the near future. The band is currently in discussion with Boston-based Plaid Dog Studios. The band also has a ton of upcoming shows, which you can check out on their Facebook page. Jesse Taylor will play solo at Radio Bean July 27 and at the Farmhouse on August 25.

Text by Luke Vidic.

Photo by James Lockridge.