New Year's Eve — All Ages Show at Burlington's Highlight Festival

Punks Are Voice for All Ages Shows and the Return of 242 Main at Burlington’s ‘Highlight’ Festival

Who: Nick Grandchamp and The People Watchers; Potentially Lobsters; Gallon of Milk; The Joke's On Us; Paper Boats
What: A free, all-ages concert on New Year’s Eve presented by Big Heavy World with support from Red Handed Records, Advance Music, and North End Studios
When: December 31, 7pm-11pm
Where: North End Studios, Studio A, 294 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, VT
Why: Because all-ages spaces and DIY music should have a home in Burlington!

The Joke’s on Us

The Joke’s on Us

Big Heavy World hosts an all-ages New Year’s Eve show at North End Studios’ ‘Studio A’ on December 31, 7-11pm. Admission is free for everyone, with high-energy performances by Nick Grandchamp and The People Watchers; Potentially Lobsters; Gallon of Milk; The Joke's On Us; Paper Boats (info below). The show is sponsored by Advance Music, 105.9 The Radiator, and North End Studios and is part of the community-generated constellation of events that are Highlight, Burlington’s brand new New Year’s Eve community celebration, info at

Big Heavy World is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that archives and promotes the music of Vermont. It has been raising awareness of the value of youth-led programs and Burlington’s need for all-ages live music spaces since the historic 242 Main teen center was closed in 2016. An ongoing series of all-ages concerts is being presented and more than 2,000 people have signed the petition asking that the famous all-ages venue be restored when Memorial Auditorium is repaired and open to the public again. 242 Main is the country’s longest-running all-ages punk rock venue and when it’s back in action could be serving youth of all backgrounds and cultural interests.

The concert was programmed by musician Jon Berg, who said, “I believe in making live music accessible to the youth of Vermont and provide them with a safe space to express themselves. This is a showcase of up and coming music acts in various stages of progress who exemplify a do it yourself ethic and inspire future artists to follow their dreams.” The program was supported by Red Handed Records, a label made by musicians for musicians, usually in the 16-25 demographic, providing a way to get bands and their music out there for the area (and world) to hear.

James Lockridge, Executive Director of Big Heavy World, said, “Local teens deserve a celebration that brings attention to their important role in our community and its culture. Our young adults are who we’ll rely on for a better, more creative, compassionate and innovative future — giving them the resources to practice this good energy is what a forward-leaning society needs.”

The concert runs from 7pm to 11pm at North End Studios’ ‘Studio A’ (doors open at 6pm). It’s free, all-ages, substance-free and wheelchair accessible. For more information contact

The Bands:

Nick Grandchamp and the People Watchers

Potentially Lobsters
Pulled from boiling water in the spring of 2018, Potentially Lobsters is Burlington, Vermont’s ONLY lobster band.

Gallon of Milk (Rochester, NY)
Gallon of Milk is a Rochester, NY band formed in 2016. They play gritty and emotionally powered hardcore. Gallon of Milk recently released their EP, “I Never Liked Being Here,” a four-song compilation containing loud and aggressive songs carrying a common theme around teenage angst. The band consists of lead singer/guitarist Sam Beach and drummer Alex Pecore, who grew up together in northern New York.

The Joke’s On Us (Rochester, NY)
A four piece room full of noise. Creating independent punk music which combines effects and a driving aggression to form a unique wall of sound.

Paper Boats
Paper Boats is a three-piece Alternative/Pop-Punk rock band. The band consists of Ayden Miranda (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Trey Michael (Lead Guitar) and Krystof Bristol (Percussion). All three members bring in aspects of different genres which creates a smooth mixture of classic rock leads, alternative rhythms, and pop-punk melodies. They are currently working on their debut album set to release sometime in 2019.