BHW All Ages Concert Series: Birthday Ass; Grease Face; Million Dollar Lounge; So Many Chills 5/11/18

Birthday Ass, Grease Face, Million Dollar Lounge, and So Many Chills will be performing at Big Heavy World, a substance free venue, on May 11th. Burlington lost a historic all-ages music venue when 242 Main was closed in December, 2016. It was located inside Memorial Auditorium, which was shut down pending long term structural repairs. Big Heavy World — the independent Vermont music office staffed by volunteers — is making an effort to fill that gap in local culture until 242 Main is reinstated. The nonprofit organization is hosting a substance-free, all ages concert series at their headquarters inside the SEABA Center. Big Heavy World is a vocal advocate for reigniting 242 Main as Memorial Auditorium is redeveloped; a petition supporting this cause at has gathered more than 1,700 signatures and a documentary film is in production. Big Heavy World is substance-free and wheelchair accessible, located at the SEABA Center, 404 Pine Street, in the heart of Burlington’s South End Arts District. A $5 donation is suggested to support the artists. The concert series is made possible in part with generous support from AARP. Big Heavy World maintains an environment of safety, dignity and mutual respect for people of any ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or ability. The concert series provides an opportunity for teens to participate in event production and promotion as volunteers, to learn skills and support the local music community. Big Heavy World also hosts a weekly drop-in program, ‘Band House,’ that makes a full backline available to teen musicians to practice on, jam, or explore different instruments.

Birthday Ass

Birthday Ass is a Boston based band formed a year and a half ago comprised of NEC students. We are a 6 piece band made up of Priya Carlberg on voice, Alex Quinn on trumpet, Raef Sengupta on saxophone, Andres Abenante on guitar, Dan Raney on bass and Jonathan Starks on drums. They have been described as a no-wave, pop, rock band with improvisation. All of the music is notated and composed by Priya Carlberg and is later deconstructed and arranged by the band. They have been performing in multiple venues/houses in the greater Boston area some of which include the Middle East, Hampshire College, O’Briens Pub, and The Midway Cafe. They recently released their debut album and is available through digital download and cassette on

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Grease Face

Grease Face is a three-piece band that currently resides in Burlington, Vermont. The three gentleman became acquainted in elementary school in sunny Hinesburg, Vermont. Skipping class and honing their punk rock chops while developing a taste for loud noises in their parent's garage. Grease Face has indefinitely characterized themselves as garage-punk-rock. With or without the hyphens. Grease Face is wild. Grease Face is GREASY.

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Million Dollar Lounge

Maine's self-proclaimed Baller Pop quartet Million Dollar Lounge started as the brainchild of Calvin Stanly's solo project (Calvin the Lonely Shredder), who looks at writing songs as a puzzle. Each instrument plays a unique and important role and fit in to each other just as pieces of a puzzle come together to create a singlular work of art. The live band currently consists of Calvin (guitar, vox, keys), co-founder Vincent Amoroso (drums, vox), Jake Rosenfield (guitar, bass, keys, sampler), and CJ Lee (bass, guitar, vox). In a compressed list, the band takes influences for their wide range of sounds from jazz standards, psychedelic/surf rock, indie rock, bossa nova, and hip-hop. The band was conceived while busking in Downtown Portland after Calvin, Vinny, and previous members (Ansel+Kyle) wrapped up a set of instrumental jams. Calvin turned to Vinny and asked if they could try to wing a couple of his newly written songs. One by one people were stopping in their tracks and before long a small crowd had taken over the sidewalk. Since then the band has gained quite a local following and has played many shows around New England at some fairly prestigious venues. They have an EP "Pinwheel" out which was more of a learning experience in the world of bedroom recording and are planning to release their debut full length LP which will blow all previous recordings out of the water in the summer of 2018. On top of that, they will be adding songs from new members CJ and Jake to their repertoire to help further develop their goal of taking over the world.

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So Many Chills

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